FFWD – Asparagus Soup (and Financiers)

Asparagus soup

There was a little bit of synchronicity across the Dorista-sphere this month. While the French Fridays crew was tasked with making asparagus soup this week, the Tuesdays with Dorie crowd was busy stuffing brioche pockets with asparagus tips. Making both on the same day meant not having to worry about how to use the leftover asparagus stalks – they went straight into the soup pot.

Making both recipes on the same day also meant I was a little tired, so when my photos stubbornly refused to admit that my soup was green (not the brown you see above), I didn’t have enough gumption left to keep playing with the lighting. What you see isn’t always what you get.

This soup was a little fussy (I’d really recommend getting thick-stalked asparagus, rather than the thin ones I found), as there was a lot of allium-chopping and asparagus-peeling to do. Once the prep was done, though, it was smooth sailing. I especially loved that the scraps and ends of the asparagus are used to intensify the flavour of the soup and that the base of the soup is the blanching water, which intensifies the asparagus flavour even more. The soup was good on its own, but really shone with a spoonful of Greek yogurt mixed in. Very much worth all that prep work.


I also caught up on another recipe that’s worth a little fuss, the financiers from a few weeks ago. These are very worth the time it takes to brown the butter and to heat the egg whites with sugar and almond flour. I gave the batter a good, long rest in the fridge and the cakes came out beautifully. My grandmother’s little cake pans were the perfect size for these. It was nice to have an excuse to use them. My only difficulty was deciding what to do with the six egg yolks that were left over. I found this egg yolk cookie recipe and adapted it by exchanging a cup of the all purpose flour for whole wheat and using a little lemon juice and orange zest in place of the extracts. (You can see them in the background of my financiers photo.)

Cool vintage cake pan - tiny cakes!

There are no more strenuous kitchen projects in my immediate future. I’ve just got some homemade pistachio oil in the refrigerator, awaiting next week’s recipe. Until then, I’m going to enjoy the weekend, hanging out with friends and sampling goodies at Eat Vancouver this weekend. I hope you’ve all got some lovely weekend plans lined up, too.

You can find many other blogged descriptions of this week’s FFWD recipe here: Asparagus Soup. Everyone’s posts on Financiers can be found here.


17 thoughts on “FFWD – Asparagus Soup (and Financiers)

  1. I really liked this recipe. I was wondering how your soup came out brown! lol

    How do you make your own pistachio oil? I just paid $16 for 8 ounces of the stuff. I should have my head examined.

  2. Wow your week certainly was full of gorgeous dorie recipes. I’m sorry your photos didn’t work out. I get that as well sometimes. It can be frustrating especially when you’ve already put so much effort on the food. Oh well.. c’est la vie (d’une blogueuse). Glad you enjoyed your Dorie week.

  3. Teresa, you served your soup in glass cups – I thought that glassware make the soup look even prettier – what nice looking financiers, your lovely picture reminds me that I have to make this recipe again, as we all enjoyed these wonderful treats as well.
    Have a fabulous weekend with lots of delicious samples at “Vancouver Eats”.

  4. Your soup looks great in those glasses, and a little yogurt on top really finishes it off. I love
    the look of the financiers, so very perfect. Have a great weekend.

  5. I hate it when the lighting plays tricks! Bet the soup was tasty, whether green or brown. Your financiers look lovely – I’d make them again. Aren’t the old fashioned cake tins the best? Have a great weekend.

  6. I love those little glass cups. Were those your grandmother’s too? This soup channeled The Everlasting Meal too. I just love that book. Your financiers look delicious. I love the little dot of raspberry on yours. I’m glad your mentioned the financier recipe this week. I’ve been going through a key lime pie phase. It uses on the egg yolks, so I have to figure out what to do with the whites. I think another batch of financiers is in my future!

  7. Strange how the photos would not allow the soup to be green, though it still looks lovely in those pretty glass cups. The financiers look gorgeous – I can almost taste them from here!

  8. Love your post! I never got to t he financiers, yours look delicious! I really simplified the recipe myself – without even having the excuse of all of your other cooking! Mine was served hot along with some home made corn muffins. I’ll be eating the leftovers cold – when I tasted the soup, I actually liked it better that way.

    I too have my pistachio oil “marinating” – so an easy week ahead. Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend! (BTW, I love your pan! I use my grandmother’s muffin pans all the time – they’re my favorites!)

  9. Thanks for the link to the egg yolk cookies! I always struggle with what to do with leftover egg yolks (or whites). I have recipes that use only one (or the other) but I never seem to make them in the same week…I’m glad you enjoyed the soup and thought all of the prep was worth it. I’ll have to try the soup again sometime.

  10. Ah- yes -photo issues!!! Thanks goodness the food still tastes absolutely fabulous!!!
    This asparagus soup is on my ‘to make list’ and the brown butter financiers are another keeper recipe;-) Thanks for passing on the egg yolk cookie recipe- a great one to have while playing around with egg whites in all the french recipes we make;-)

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