FFWD – French Food Revolution Friday with Dorie (Warm Weather Vegetable Pot au Feu)


We’re doing something a little different for this week’s French Friday. The group is participating in Food Revolution Day, which was started by Jamie Oliver to get people into the kitchen and around the table together.

Warm Weather Vegetable Pot au Feu

I decided to do something a little different this week, too. Since this year’s Food Revolution Day theme is Cook It, Share It, I thought I’d ask my partner to take the lead on this week’s recipe and share his thoughts with all of you. I chose one of the recipes I’d missed when the rest of the group posted about it, Warm Weather Vegetable Pot au Feu, because it seemed like a perfect match for the ethos of Food Revolution Day. I also thought it was a good fit for my partner. I helped a little with the chopping and pot-watching, but Kevin made the dish. Here’s what he had to say:

I thought that the Warm Weather Vegetable Pot Au Feu was excellent, though I would have preferred it without so much of the vegetable broth. While the veggies tasted good with the broth flavouring, I didn’t finish all of the leftover broth in the bowl. In fact, it was almost better the second night when my partner made quinoa, which soaked up the broth nicely. I think my partner Teresa chose this meal for me to make because, although I was once a vegetarian for about eight years, I’m no longer one and would like to get back to eating this way the majority of the time. Not only was the dish tasty, but it was also cheap and easy to make, which I appreciated. This will inspire me to cook vegetarian more often.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading about agriculture and food lately and I hope to do more in the kitchen and garden soon.

It’s been wonderful watching Teresa take part in the French Fridays with Dorie group. We have tried so many dishes that were new to us. If my memory serves me correctly, I’ve loved all the dishes but one. For the last few years, I always know we are likely trying something new on Friday and that element of surprise has been neat. It was great to finally make a dish. My partner Teresa does most of the cooking in the house, but I do cook occasionally – I have my usual dishes. For the most part, we cook separately. It was nice for Teresa to guide me though this recipe, as we keep talking about sharing more of the cooking, along with cooking more vegetarian meals. This dish accomplished both of those things for us. I hope we will do more of it together.

Food Revolution Day sounds amazing. I think we need a food revolution on a number of levels, but Cook it, Share It is a fantastic start.

Spinach, asparagus, carrots, potatoes, and slices of hard boiled eggs arranged over a bowl of broth.

For my part, I thought this dish was delicious, on the first night when we ate it as a pot au feu; on the second when we used the leftover broth to cook more vegetables, which we served over quinoa; and on the third when we used the remainder of the broth to gently heat up some lamb burgers I’d made. The broth made a very good gravy in the end.

You can find the rest of the Doristas’ posts for FFRFwD here: French Food Revolution Friday with Dorie.

You can participate in Food Revolution Day too, by contributing posts or pictures, or by commenting on those of others. Here’s how, as outlined by our own Mardi Michels, one of Food Revolution Day’s Toronto ambassadors and instigator of our French Food Revolution Friday with Dorie:

“Follow the Food Revolution
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28 thoughts on “FFWD – French Food Revolution Friday with Dorie (Warm Weather Vegetable Pot au Feu)

  1. Hmmm…maybe if my pot au feu came out looking like yours, I’d have enjoyed it more. Yours looks great, and I like all the ways you stretched the leftovers.

  2. What a wonderful, creative take on FRD2013. I love that you got Kevin involved in this post – perhaps we should have a “Partners of FFWD members” posting day once a year too so those who are always behind the scene taste-testing our recipes get their chance to have a say too! Thank you for cooking and sharing this FRD2013. SO very appreciated.

  3. Teresa (and Kevin) – I really like what you did here. Your soup is lovely and the sentiments behind it – even lovelier.

  4. It’s great that you had Kevin “share” in this event! It was great getting his take on the recipe and the revolution!

    Your dish looks great, and inspires me to make it. I’m not sure I’ve paid much attention to the recipe before. Teresa, your ideas of how to use the leftovers sound delicious too!!!

  5. This dish is a beauty Teresa and one that’s on my list of AMFT recipes to make! The asparagus looks perfectly cooked and served with the eggs-I’m not missing any meat, that’s for sure!!!
    I love getting help in the kitchen, always makes everything taste so much better 😉

  6. I think it’s great that you got Kevin involved in Food Revolution Day! Your pot au few looks fabulous…this was one of my favorite Dorie recipes. Glad you both enjoyed it!

  7. Fun idea to have Kevin post this week! My partner and I need to get better at cooking together. I usually end up taking over…Kevin, the pot au feu came out beautifully.

  8. What a pretty presentation of the vegetable pot au feu, it looks healthy and delicious and really showcases the wonderful green asparagus. Delicious choice for the Food Revolution Day today!

  9. What a delicious looking dish. So perfect for this time of year. I loved hearing from Kevin this week. That’s truly sharing! I also liked learning how your ate the leftovers. I think that’s one skill that I feel like I could improve on: how to make new meals from leftovers. Reminds of a book I read last year, The Everlasting Meal. You would like it, if you haven’t read it before. Happy Food Revolution Day!

  10. Aw! It’s always great to hear the reactions of the people who enjoy the food we eat. Kevin did a fantastic job with the pot au feu and now I want you guys to cook together all the time.

    Thanks for all the ideas on how to use the leftover vegetable broth.

  11. That was one of my favorites of all the FFWD recipes. Kevin did a wonderful job, it all looks
    so delicious and healthy.

  12. Oh I loved this ! And I agree with Mardi that if we could swing it- it would be nice to have a family/friend of Dorista Day where they get to cook. In addition to his input about the recipe, I loved reading his insights about knowing something new was coming each Friday- that to me is the special memory from FFWD. And after doing it for several years- our families and friends have all gotten used to it so it is fun to read their perspective. Great job !!

    1. This was Tricia, but the way. My commenting thing for WordPress folks ends up titled triciaandNana, but nana leaves her own comments 🙂

  13. Help in the kitchen would be quite revolutionary at my house, that is for sure. I missed this recipe and I can’t tell you why it just doesn’t excite me much? Your description of using the leftovers and broth DOES though and that alone seems like a worthy FR skill. OK, now I”m looking at this dish of yours and imagining what it would be like with a RUNNY egg and I’m all over it. OK, now I’m excited…(!)

  14. Hi Teresa – what a beautifully presented dish and a terrific idea. Missing this group so much – I do follow along each week but am kicking myself for missing this theme. I guess, in general, that’s what most of us bloggers do almost every day – Cook it, Share it! Hats off to you, your partner, Mardi, and FFWD!

  15. What a great idea, Teresa, to not only have Kevin make the recipe but then write about it (which he did very well, I might add). I thought his remarks about FFWD and knowing you are going to have something special every Friday were fun to read. He sounds like a good guy and did you hear him say he wants to cook more? You go, Girl. You must have made this dish before I joined FFWD because it’s not something I’ve made but it is definitely something I would enjoy eating and will, in the near future. Very nice Post.

  16. Love your pot au feu! 🙂 I’ve actually been thinking about making this one lately cuz it’s been so hot and I remember how lovely it was when I first made it! Great job!

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