FFWD – Coupétade ( or, French toast bread pudding)

Coupétade in a flowered glass serving dish atop a blue and yellow plaid cloth.

Egg bread made into an egg-y French toast, turned into an even egg-ier bread pudding. What’s not to like? Nothing, that’s what.

When I noticed that both last week’s dish and this week’s recipe called for brioche, I decided to make some. It’s a job for a stay-at-home evening, but not too difficult when there’s a stand mixer involved. The only downside to making brioche is thinking it’s too pretty to slice.

Two loaves of brioche on the cooling rack, one braided and the other sectioned.

Brioche was perfect for this dish (though I think that any good bread would do). I let the points of the French toast rise above the custard bath when I baked it and I really enjoyed the different textures this created. I also refrained from adding any flavours to the dish beyond the vanilla called for in the recipe. The vanilla worked well against the creamy egg-iness of the bread pudding. It can be lovely to have a single dominant flavour in a dish, sometimes. Relying on vanilla also brought out the flavours of the dried blueberries and apricots I tucked amongst the slices of French toast.

Coupétade, or French toast bread pudding.

I’d be happy to have this dish at (or let’s face it, FOR) any meal, but I think I’m going to file this one under potluck brunch recipes.

You can find many other blogged descriptions of this week’s FFWD recipe here: Coupétade


21 thoughts on “FFWD – Coupétade ( or, French toast bread pudding)

  1. totally a potluck brunch hit! well, it will be when you bring it to one! 🙂 love that you used blueberries, I think youre the first in the group! 🙂

    1. I’m not a big raisin fan, so i often used dried blueberries in their place. They work really well with apricot, tooo.

      1. I bet! It’s interesting that you use dried blueberries cuz thats not a common dried fruit that people switch out raisins with, usually it’s cranberries – neat!

    1. Brioche is a bit of a time commitment, but it’s quite easy when you use a stand mixer. I’m glad that someone else is on ‘Team Anytime.’ 🙂

  2. I agree that this would be best served for brunch. But for that reason, I think I like those baked french toast dishes which can be prepped the night before and thrown in the oven when I wake up. I’m not enough of a morning person to wake up early enough to get this on the table in time for breakfast:-)

  3. Wow … you MADE your own brioche and it looks absolutely beautiful! I used brioche, too, but bought it. I made this for dessert, but ended up tasting it at breakfast so I guess I am on “Team Anytime”, too.

  4. Teresa, your brioche looks fabulous, I am really impressed and so does your Coupétade – I love that you took the time to bake your own delcious bread for this recipe, respect!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I agree with you, that brioche is too pretty to slice up. Your coupétade turned out lovely and so
    delicious looking. Great job.

  6. What can I saw – forgettabout the Coupétade and just give me a loaf of your brioche and some butter. Your bread looks about perfect, Teresa, and it’s most impressive that you made your own. Yes, this was a delicious recipe for breakfast or brunch, warm, with syrup, for example. I did not particularly enjoy it chilled with creme fraiche. Once again, your bread…..outstanding.

  7. Dried blueberries – I like that. (We went with apricots and prunes since i am not a raisin fan)
    I am sure the homemade brioche is what made this dish complete

  8. Lovely results and so impressive you made the brioche. I used challah and when seeing all the homemade breads that Doristas used (challah too) I really got inspired to try to some breads again -esp now that the kids (aka carb eaters) are all home for the summer and can help me consume them. And right about what’s not to love with all these ingredients 🙂

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous brioche. I’m so impressed. It must have made your coupetade extra special. I used dried blueberries too! I’d never tried them before, but really enjoyed them.

  10. Wow! Gorgeous coupetade…the homemade brioche is most impressive and I’m sure was delicious in this dish (another one I have to try!)…Have a wonderful weekend Teresa 😉

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