Flowers + Dog

Stunning flower in Fort Langley

A photo post today, just because. I was hoping to call it Dog and Butterfly, for that ’70s vibe, but none showed up on the day I was taking these photos. I did have a face-to-face with a hummingbird, which seemed to go on forever, but must have really been only about ten seconds. I don’t mind not having photos of that encounter – how often does a hummingbird hover a foot from one’s face, taking stock of you while allowing you to enjoy its delicate iridescence?

Most of these photos were taken at my parents’ place and the rest are from a walk around Fort Langley. Tomorrow, I’ll be back, with cucumbers.

Roxy, auditioning for Love Story

A back up album cover, in case Roxy decides to start a band.

Fort Langley flowers

Clematis through last year's vines

Clematis, a side view


4 thoughts on “Flowers + Dog

    1. Thanks, Tricia – I really lucked out with the light for that first photo. It started raining not long after.

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