FFWD: A Big Ol’ Catch Up Post: Seaweed Sablés, Corn Pancakes & Ginger-Pickled Cucumbers

If you’re not careful, your blog can become the cognate of that dusty, cluttered storage closet that you try not to think about too much. Unfinished drafts and unedited photos in jumbled heaps mirror the stacks of old textbooks and piles of unused sports equipment that you keep meaning to sort out. Well, consider this post a sort of virtual garage sale, clearing out a bit of space on my overtaxed hard drive.

Seaweed Sablés

David’s Seaweed Sablés

Sablé cookies are one of Dorie Greenspan’s specialties. Each of her cookbooks have several varieties included, most famously her World Peace Cookies. These ones are a little different – they’re savoury, salty, and sweet and include that jewel of the sushi world, nori. I say jewel because nori is beautifully iridescent, so much so that it seemed almost a shame to chop it into tiny pieces for this cookie. The results are surprisingly tasty and worth sacrificing a sheet or two. Eating them, I imagined myself on a Paris balcony, champagne in hand.

You can find the rest of the gang’s posts on this recipe here: David’s Seaweed Sablés

Corn Pancakes with broccoli in the background

Corn Pancakes

This recipe is like the perfect outfit, that can be dressed up or down as necessary. Canned corn is called for, but fresh or frozen would do just as well, if you’ve an aversion to the canned stuff. These pancakes can serve as finger food at a cocktail party, in the vein of Buckwheat Blini, or they can be the starch at a simple dinner. I opted for the simple route, serving them with steamed broccoli and turkey smokies. They worked well, but I’m looking forward to trying them again when the weather gets cooler – they’d be perfect for soaking up the juices of a braise or stew.

More French Fridays posts on this recipe can be found here: Corn Pancakes

Cucumbers - mmm gingery

Crunchy Ginger-Pickled Cucumbers

Last up is a salad so simple that my brother exclaimed, “Oh look, Teresa chopped up a few cucumbers and called it a salad!” It was my contribution to the barbeque feast in celebration of my nephew’s high school graduation, and I was quick to tell him that there was a little more to the salad than cucumbers. I didn’t bother mentioning how easy it was to put together. After the cucumbers hang out in some sea salt for a while, they’re tossed with fresh ginger, seasoned rice vinegar, and red pepper flakes and left to stew in their juices in the refrigerator. Luckily, they’re delicious, so I didn’t get any more teasing for the (lack of) effort my contribution to dinner entailed.

You can find the link to everyone’s posts on this recipe here: Crunchy Ginger-Pickled Cucumbers

I’m still behind on French Fridays, so another smorgasbord post might show up here soon, but I think I’m well on my way to getting back on track. Now, I’m looking forward to catching up on everyone else’s posts.


24 thoughts on “FFWD: A Big Ol’ Catch Up Post: Seaweed Sablés, Corn Pancakes & Ginger-Pickled Cucumbers

  1. congratulations on your catch up work, I can see you’re eating really well! I loved the cucumbers and am intrigued by the seaweed sables, also always up for corn in any form;-) I have some catching up as well, so many great recipes, not enough time but I’m working on it! Have a great weekend;-)

  2. Teresa, what a great “catch up post”: your Seaweed Sablés look perfectly baked and I am glad that you liked these “intriguing” cookies, loved your vision of eating them in Paris with a champagne glas in your hand. The cornmeal pancakes were a big hit at our house too and will reappear on our dinner menu soon, I agree they are quite versatile. The cucumber pickles were a nice and refreshing side dish and we found them to be delicious too. Congratulation also on your nephew`s high school graduation!

    I admire these catch-up posts and I greatly enjoyed reading yours!

    Hope you are going to have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh, I think we’ve all had to do a catch up post here or there, well done to clean through so many in one go. Make sure not to miss the blueberry roulade. It was quite tasty and I don’t think I’ve seen a single poster who didn’t like it.

    1. I’m looking forward to the roulade – just waiting for a time to eat it with my extended family. I’m not sure I’m up to a gluten-free attempt at it right now. 🙂

  4. Nice garage sale 🙂
    And congrats to the graduate! We have one in our house too and it is such an exciting time for them. Although, as the host of the party, I was very glad when that part was over…

    1. Thanks, Cher! I was looking at some not-so-long ago photos of the nieces and nephews and can’t believe that there’s only one teenager left in the bunch, now!

    1. Thanks, Kathy – it’s been a great month of recipes, hasn’t it? Hope you had a great weekend, too.

  5. Great post. I did some catching up last weekend (though not with Dorie posts). I didn’t get to the blueberry roulade yet because my niece wanted to make and blog about Sonoran Hot Dogs. Maybe this week!!! Glad you enjoyed all of the goodies you made!!

  6. Excellent job on all 3! It sounds as if you enjoyed the seaweed sables – I did too, although the group as a whole did not seem to like them.

    1. I did enjoy them, but can see they could be challenging for some folks. I shared them with my extended family and each person had to think about it for a minute before they could decide whether they liked them or not. Thank goodness, the verdict was mainly on the plus side!

  7. Yay for catch up post! Happy to see that you had a chance to try out a few of the recipes in the schedule. I’m particularly fond of the seaweed sable and still have a frozen log ready to be baked. I laughed when you got teased by your brother. Oh sibling! Glad that it was enjoyed by all at the party.

  8. We recently made the corn pancakes which we liked. I am inspired to try the other two recipes you have listed; sables and cucumbers. I might try the cucumbers next before summer is up.

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