Oh Summer, Where Are You?

Marigold with someday-to-ripen tomatoes in the background

We’ve had a long wet stretch from late winter until, well, now. The forecast finally promises a stretch of sun, but I’ll believe it when I see it. The funny thing is that I’m a mild weather girl. Having been raised here, rain doesn’t bother me. But, since I’ve started vegetable gardening, I’ve found myself longing for some sunshine.

Tarragon, with more herbs in the background

There are things growing in my garden and, truth be told, there are a lot of things germinating in my garden right now, too. The one good thing about this very late summer is that my procrastinating self has been able to stretch out the planting portion of the season to its limits. But, my tomato plants are sad and I’m feeling a little fear for the eggplant plants I finally put into the ground. I’m not worried about the zucchini. I suspect that it would over-produce in a nuclear winter (though I hope never to test that theory).

Bean seedlings erupting from the earth

I love looking at my vegetable beds, neatly marked off into square foot plots with wooden barbeque skewers and hemp twine (I’m rather proud of myself for repurposing those skewers). The flower beds are a challenge, sometimes, with the constant threat of morning glory, buttercup, snails and slugs. The vegetable garden, though, is easier to weed and brings out a love of orderliness I didn’t know I possessed. If only that would extend to the storage cupboards…

Along the line one of my square-foot beds


4 thoughts on “Oh Summer, Where Are You?

  1. we have double-summer here in Colorado this year with temps in the upper 90’s and 100’s and very dry. wish I could send some your way. thankfully, our monsoon season seems to be starting up. our growing season seems ahead of normal by weeks!

    1. We’re finally getting some sun, so I can stop complaining about the weather and start complaining about having to water the garden! 🙂

      Hope you get some relief from the heat, soon.

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