Everyday Dorie – Salmon Burgers

Salmon burgers over greens with oven-roasted potatoes.

Spring is a trickster, pouring down rain when you have outdoor plans and serving up glorious sunshine when you’re stuck indoors. I would have loved to be weeding and planting yesterday when it was mild and sunny, but I had a full day’s work and more to do. Today, when I was free(ish), the weather was rainy and chill until well after suppertime.

I was hoping these salmon burgers would be my first patio meal of the summer, but instead, they made for a lovely indoor brunch. I picked up a beautiful piece of sockeye salmon at The Daily Catch and got some brioche buns at East End Food Co-op. Sadly, the buns didn’t make it home with me (I shouldn’t have put my bag down in the vegetable market I visited next), so I decided to serve these over lightly dressed greens with a side of oven-roasted potatoes. I’ve never been much of a burger lover anyway, so I think I’m happier with the meal as it turned out.

The salmon burgers themselves were delicious, with dill, capers, mustard, and lemon stirred into yogurt as the binder for this patties. Some people had trouble keeping them from crumbling in the pan, but mine held together beautifully. I think resting the mixture overnight in the refrigerator helped with that, while intensifying all the flavours beautifully.

I think I’ll be revisiting this recipe several times this summer. So far, all the recipes I’ve tried from Everyday Dorie have been ones I’ve repeated. I can’t wait to work through some more as we cycle through the the growing season.

Salmon burgers

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10 thoughts on “Everyday Dorie – Salmon Burgers

  1. Yours look wonderful, Teresa, though what a bummer about the brioche buns! I can see your brunch being absolutely perfect with these, the potatoes, and some greens. That’s great the overnight chill worked so well–I’m keeping that in mind, for sure!

  2. Yours looks good Teresa! I didn’t have any trouble with them holding together either. Maybe the long rest is the answer! This was supposed to be a patio meal for me too but the wind and oak pollen dissuaded me!

  3. I feel the same way about the recipes in Everyday Dorie, so far, soooooo good. My brioche buns did make it home (so sorry yours did not) and they were perfect with the salmon burgers. Soft and warmed. I also intend to make these often and realize now that they do not need a bun. They are delicious as a salad like many of you chose to do.

  4. Ok seriously, that is one AMAZING looking plate !! Well done you. I am already jonesing for everyone’s brioche buns, not sure how I didn’t think to get them as well. So sorry you left yours behind at the farmers market though I had to chuckle because when you said they didn’t make it home, I thought to my personal experience of when things “don’t make it home”. Which means I ate it in the car lol – at least you had a good excuse for not walking in the door with them. Happy Spring !

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