Dorie’s Cookies – World Peace Cookies

World Peace Cookies

The story of Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies is quite famous in home-baking circles. It may be hard to believe that a little cookie could bring the world together, but eating one makes anything seem plausible. Come to think of it, whenever I’ve brought World Peace Cookies to a meeting, decision-making has been relatively peaceful, too. There may be something to this theory.

Roll and bake sablé cookies create a lot of peace in the kitchen, too. I try and keep a few logs of various kinds in the freezer, so that I can bake on a moment’s notice. To keep your own peace of mind, make sure you treat this dough with patience, leaving it in the mixer until it really comes together, then working it into logs that hold together and are solid throughout. Your efforts will be well-rewarded.

Bonus Bake: Christmas Spice Cookies

Christmas Spice Cookies

These Christmas Spice Cookies were scheduled for December, and I made them in time for Christmas, but I didn’t have much time for posting to the blog last month. So, I’m presenting them now.

They’re one of four variations Dorie provides for her Do-Almost-Anything Vanilla Cookie Dough and they live up to their holiday-inspired name. These cookies are delicately spiced, allowing the vanilla dough to shine, and they’re the perfect foil for the deeper flavours of gingerbread and chocolate on the cookie tray. They’re also a great alternative to sugar cookies, with a more complex flavour than the usual cut-out Christmas favourites.

I’m a big fan of both of Dorie’s Do-Almost-Anything Doughs. They’re easy to work with, full of flavour, and batched big enough to make several variations or an office party’s worth of one kind of cookie.

This week’s Dorie’s Cookies goodness can be found here, along with posts about the other Tuesdays with Dorie selected recipe for December, Breakfast Biscotti.


13 thoughts on “Dorie’s Cookies – World Peace Cookies

  1. I’m fascinated: maybe you need to do a scientific experiment with control group to demonstrate the harmony-giving capacity of the world peace cookie. I join in a meditation for world peace every third Sunday in the month, and it’s great to know you are baking for the same purpose. I have a feeling we all need to work just a bit harder at this these days.
    How long do you recommend the biscuit dough can be kept in the freezer? I tend to make, freeze and forget, which is wasteful. I’ve yet to learn discipline in the kitchen!

  2. WPC are the ultimate answer, they look and are so delicious. I love what you did with the chrisms spice cookies. They look so sparkly and festive.

  3. So I’m fascinated- did you slice the WPC with a serrated knife? I can see the marks on them, which is so cool! I’m getting ready to make the Do-Anything vanilla dough for valentine’s day cut outs and I can’t wait as I’ve never used the dough before.

  4. Love those world peace cookies and they are easy to make. I had trouble with the Christmas spice cookie dough, it was hard to work with. Glad they were both a hit for you.

  5. Look at all your beautiful cookies…I feel like I am presented with a lovely cookie tray! Very nice. I agree, December was wickedly busy and I am enjoying a much slower paced January!

  6. The World Peace Cookies are fab – great idea to keep a log in the freezer for baking on short notice. I was surprised at how tasty the Christmas spice cookies were – better than your average sugar cookie.

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