FFWD – Leeks Vinaigrette With Mimosa

Leeks Vinaigrette

If the vegetable aisle was a high school dance, leeks would definitely be standing with the wallflowers. While the flashier vegetables and their savoury fruit friends are taking centre stage, leeks are quietly intensifying the richness of the dishes they inhabit. It’s unfair, though, because when they are allowed the spotlight, they don’t need supporting players.

Before I mix my metaphors any further, let me give you an example. Leeks Vinaigrette is a classic French dish, with good reason. Poached until tender and tossed in a red wine vinegar and walnut oil dressing, they are delicious. Topped with a ‘mimosa’ of shredded egg, they’re also elegant.

Dorie’s version is quick to prepare and made a perfect light supper, with an extra hard-boiled egg each on the side. Cut to any number of high school movie conclusions – the triumph of the wallflower.

You can find the recipe here.

Find out what the rest of the French Fridays crew thought about this week’s recipe: Leeks Vinaigrette with Mimosa


14 thoughts on “FFWD – Leeks Vinaigrette With Mimosa

  1. Ah. But the wallflowers are the ones that grow up to have good jobs and drive nice cars 🙂 one should never ignore the wallflowers. Or the leeks…

    I enjoyed your metaphors

  2. What Cher said. Wallflowers are often the late bloomers who are worth having around the rest of your life. Or, um…so I’ve heard.

  3. What a clever write-up. Leeks are not popular in North America, that’s for sure. They are so nutritious and well worth the effort necessary to get them to the table. I certainly will make this again and again as I suspect you will.

  4. I love your comparison of a leek to a wallflower. Isn’t that the truth? I also like how you added an extra egg to make this a meal!

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