FFWD – Tuna Rillettes


We’ve done rillettes before, but I’m betting that this tuna version is less challenging for the French Fridays crowd than the ones we made previously. I really enjoyed the sardine rillettes, but not everyone could get behind the idea of a sardine sandwich spread. I expected to enjoy this one, too, and I did.

When I was growing up, my favourite kind of sandwich was tuna. I would have had that every day if my mother had let me. She had strange ideas about feeding us a variety of foods, though, so my argument that fish is brain food didn’t prevail. I’m sure my mercury levels are all the better for it.

This spread reminded me of those sandwiches, though the flavour profile is a little more sophisticated than the elementary school standard of tuna mixed with mayo and chopped celery. There are hints of curry, quatre épices, and lemon in this recipe, along with subtle undercurrents of shallot and crème fraîche. I didn’t have any tuna in oil on hand, so I added a teaspoon or so of olive oil to make up for it.

Though the mixture is whizzed into a smooth, plain-looking paste, the flavour and texture more than make up for its appearance. The rillettes were great with gluten-free almond crackers. They were even better when used to make another Dorista favourite, the tartine. I spread some on soughdough toast, then layered sharp cheddar, Romaine lettuce, and red pepper on top. I’d have that for lunch any day. Which might cause my mother to give me another lecture on a well-rounded diet.


You can find many other blogged descriptions of this FFWD recipe here: Tuna Rillettes


28 thoughts on “FFWD – Tuna Rillettes

    1. That’s sad, I think. Though I suppose there are lots of great things that kids eat now that we wouldn’t have dreamed of.

  1. It’s all about how you brand it. Tuna Rillette Tartine sounds so much more sophisticated than Open-Faced Tuna Salad Sandwich. Looks better too, by the way.

    1. The good thing about Dorie’s recipes is that they’re very amenable to experimentation. I hope some of the other posts give you ideas on how this might suit you better.

  2. I love that you gave this the tartine treatment! And I too must have unusually high mercury because I had tuna nearly every day for school lunch. Yum.

  3. Teresa I am going to confess that I fell in love with this recipe. Since I made it yesterday I cannot get it out of my mind! It is late in the afternoon now and the supermarkets are closed and I cannot get more tuna until Monday…It’s going to be a difficult couple of days without it….

  4. Tuna was and is one of my favorite lunch time noshes. I really enjoyed this version of “tuna salad”

    I like your tartine’d up version 🙂

  5. Your tartine looks so good! I kept wanting to spread it on toast, but then went the even lazier route and just used crackers.

  6. I love the idea of this on a tartine. I just went with crackers. This was so different than my mom’s tuna salad. I never liked her version, it was too sweet with pickle relish. I’d take tuna rillettes instead any day. (Of course, I had no clue about rillettes when I was a kid.)

  7. The tartine idea is a great one. You’ve made your rillette all fancy-schmanzy with the Romaine, cheese and red pepper. Very pretty, indeed.

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