FFWD – Salty-Sweet Potato Far


I’m a little (okay, a lot) late with this week’s post (well, last week’s). I finally managed to make this Breton classic today. My version was gluten-free and wasn’t bad. I skipped the raisins, doubled down on the prunes, and added Emmentaler (after reading Mardi and Betsy’s exchange on the French Fridays site). The cheese was a good addition. I ate it with a salmon cake and some greens, but I think the leftovers are going to be treated in a more brunch-like fashion.


Will I finish it? Yes. Will I make it again? Probably not, unless it wows Kevin when he tries it tomorrow.

Next Tuesday, I’ll tell you about what December has in store for folks around here. But before that, I’ll see you for French (Toast) Friday.

You can find many other blogged descriptions of this FFWD recipe here: Salty-Sweet Potato Far


16 thoughts on “FFWD – Salty-Sweet Potato Far

    1. I think this one was skippable, unfortunately. I’ll be posting about the French toast with this week’s tuiles. It was great!

    1. It’s true! My partner has a phrase, “I’m a better person for having tried this.” I think I’ll try the sweet version of a far some time. I’m guessing I’ll like it better.

    1. I used an all-purpose mix we get from the bulk section of our food co-op, topped up with a little brown rice flour. It seemed to work pretty well. I have to get some oat flour – it would be a nice addition to my store of g-f flours.

  1. It sounds like adding cheese was the way to go, but it also doesn’t sound like many of us are going to be making this one again. Oh well, it was worth a try. Your salmon cake looks delicious. Is it homemade?

  2. I’m glad our suggestions helped, some. Unfortunately, I liked the leftovers less than the original. Oh well, everything is worth trying once. You never know…

  3. Yes, I think the cheese would have been helpful. I am glad I tried it, but not so sure it will get a repeat here either. (Maybe with sweet potatoes if there is a next time)

    Have a great weekend.

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