FFWD – Goat Cheese & Strawberry Tartine


My partner and I went through a period of fascination with simple living. The net result was adding about a dozen books to our already-overflowing shelves. Simplicity isn’t something that comes naturally to me, obviously.

So, it’s not surprising that my solution to weekend breakfast is often, “Let’s just go out.” Elaborate recipes swirl around in my head, when all I really want to do is have a leisurely conversation or a lazy look through the newspaper. An hour in the kitchen and a sinkful of dishes isn’t as appealing as brunch in the summer sunshine (or, truthfully, peering out at the summer sunshine from a suitably shady spot).

Enter a little reminder that a satisfying, elegant breakfast need not be complicated – this week’s French Fridays dish is a simple tartine. Toasted chunks of baguette slathered with goat cheese, then topped with some sliced strawberries, a little balsamic, and a dusting of fresh pepper. Enough to satisfy mid-morning hunger and wake up the senses.


It was easy enough to make a gluten-free plateful for Kevin, too. With some sea salt rice crackers in place of the baguette, and a distinct absence of balsamic and pepper, he declared these a perfect pre-breakfast snack.

My bookshelves may need a good purge, my cupboards and closets a little organization, and my garden ever more weeding, but this morning I was content to…ahem…simply enjoy these tartines with a nice cup of tea. There’s a whole summer ahead to catch up on the rest.


You can find many other blogged descriptions of this week’s FFWD recipe here: Goat Cheese & Strawberry Tartine


24 thoughts on “FFWD – Goat Cheese & Strawberry Tartine

  1. Your tartines look great!! I used a fig balsamic reduction on mine, and I could have eaten a plateful (too bad I only made three, and gave one to my mom).

  2. I hear you about the books – I recently went on a house organizing spree (still in progress) and ended up ordering three books from Amazon on the subject. (Although, I did justify that I bought them used…)

    Those berries are beautiful!

  3. The pictures look great! I’m thinking goat cheese and berries all Summer long….and the crackers are a very sweet touch 😉

  4. Teresa, beautiful ripe strawberry slices on top of your wonderful tartines – so nice that everyone seemed to have enjoyed this simple recipe so very much!
    Have a good Sunday with some wonderful “leisure” time and a good book!

  5. I just loved the sentiments you shared in this post – I agree wholeheartedly. I tend to have a few too many items and ideas but make sure to enjoy my quiet time enjoying the simple pleasures (even if I have to turn my head away from the piles of whatever I should be tending :). This recipe fit the bill for sure and I will be enjoying it all strawberry season ~ Tricia

  6. Hi Teresa, we did a book purge around here too. Since we had flooding we had to do a lot of furniture moving fast and decided to see what we could move on out! Simplicity isn’t our natural state either! I like the idea of this for breakfast.

  7. You’ve spoken for me also, Teresa. I am trying very hard to step back to simple but it’s not easy. I’ve never done that easily but am so happy when I do. I loved throwing this recipe together for lunch two days in a row. It was so delicious and, well, simple. This week-end I might throw it on a bagel as Betsy did. I think everyone, including you and me, had fun with their own “take” on this very tasty treat.

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