FFWD – Chicken, Apples, and Cream à la Normande

Chickens, Apples, and Cream à la Normande

I write about community and cooking here, sometimes trying to combine the two, whether it’s cookie swaps or sharing food with family and friends. There’s another aspect of community that plays into the food writing I do here and that’s the online community built by French Fridays participants. A number of us are participating in a holiday card exchange organized by Alice of A Mama, Baby and Shar-Pei in the Kitchen. It’s been just over two years and 100 recipes since French Fridays began and this card exchange seems like the perfect way to express appreciation to at least some of the people that make our community so worthwhile. It’s been a privilege to get to know these folks a little and to communicate through our blogs and the comments we exchange. Thanks, Alice for organizing the card exchange – I’ve received a few already and they’re lovely.

It’s also good for me to cook something new every week (well, mostly every week) and to compare my results and variations with the rest of the group. I think I’ve become a better and more inventive cook over the course of this project. Speaking of inventive, I played a little bit with this week’s recipe. I added ground herbs to the (gluten-free) dredging mixture, I substituted two-percent milk for the cream, chicken thighs for the breasts and I skipped the alcohol altogether. (I didn’t read the recipe until this afternoon, I’m out of my all-purpose Cognac, and I wasn’t about to brave the lines at the liquor store on a December Friday evening.) Oh, and I added garlic, because I couldn’t help it.

Gluten-free flour with seasonings, for dredging.

It turned out really well, though I can see that adding Calvados, brandy, or Cognac would make it even more flavourful. We had some tonight on its own and we’ll finish it tomorrow, perhaps with spinach or broccoli as Dorie suggests.

Tonight, I’d also like to let our American Doristas know that I’m thinking of them.

You can find many other blogged descriptions of this week’s FFWD recipe here: Chicken, Apples, and Cream à la Normande


14 thoughts on “FFWD – Chicken, Apples, and Cream à la Normande

  1. Adding garlic was a great idea…and I think you’ll like the flavor boost from the cognac. I didn’t realize how much fun the card exchange would be…I jumped on board at the last minute and I’m sure glad I did 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Herbs and garlic are nice additions, Teresa. I’m also glad to know that using 2% milk works well. (It was a lot of cream even though it was delicious.) Like Liz, I signed up for the card exchange late, but I so glad I did. I don’t know which I liked better, sending a personal message to each person or getting cards in the mail. What a successful idea by Alice! Have a great weekend.

  3. I am so glad that Alice organized the card exchange and have enjoyed getting the cards in the mail immensely. Your dish looks wonderful and after reading some of the other chicken posts I think it was a good decision to add herbs. When I make the chicken version I will do the same. Have a great weekend, Teresa!

  4. I have to admit, I’m also pleased to hear that milk worked well! I try not to keep heavy cream around, so it’s nice to know that this dish can be made just a bit healthier. Yours looks quite creamy and tasty as is! And it has been so wonderful getting so many cards in the mail, and also sending them! It’s been a very special Christmas project, and I’m so glad for it.

  5. Your post is so lovely as is your food. I used to follow Dorie’s recipes exactly, just for the experience, thinking that on the 2nd try, I’d change things a little to suit my tastes or ways. Now, however, I change every recipe…Dorie is my base but I’m trying to use what I have on hand…I have lots on hand…and I enjoy being creative most of the time. Your changes sound good and your photo confirms that your meal was great. Have a wonderful week, and Merry Christmas!

  6. The card exchange has been fun and such a great idea! Thanks Alice! I am sure I would have enjoyed this dish if I had used garlic and herbs. I found the flavor a bit flat. I will give it another try though, because everyone seems to have enjoyed it so much! Yours looks restaurant worthy!!

  7. Yes – the community is the unexpected boon of FFwD.
    This was a dish that begged playing around with – I agree, I feel much braver playing around with my cooking than I did a couple of years ago. A second boon!

  8. Teresa, what a very lovely looking plate filled with delicious Norman chicken – ground herbs and a bit of garlic sound wonderful for this recipe. What a nice delicious meal with a wonderful cream sauce – I often successfully substituted milk for some of the cream called for in recipes and I am sure that does not take away from the richness of the sauce. And what a wonderful post you wrote – really enjoyed reading it!

  9. The alcohol definitely wasn’t necessary – I used my expensive French brandy and couldn’t taste it. But I loved this dish. I received your card today – thanks! I appreciated your lovely note.

  10. I appreciate your thoughts for us this week and your lovely card I received in the mail today-very cool! The FFWD community is a special one and the Christmas card exchange is really lovely;-)
    I didn’t get a chance to try this assigned dish but it’s definitely on my to try list-thanks for all your inspiration and the delicious recipes you post here;-)

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