FFWD – Peach Melba, or Our 100th Recipe

Peach Melba, in a brandy snifter.

We’re headed toward the second anniversary of French Fridays with Dorie, but today we’re celebrating another milestone – our 100th recipe together. I think that only Mardi of eat. live. travel. write. has managed to do all 100 so far, but a number of us have come close – my count is 91, currently.

Some of us joined at the beginning and others have joined in along the way. Most are food bloggers, but some of us just like the good food and community that these French Fridays have brought us. It’s the community I appreciate most – the introduction to interesting bloggers across the world who share their stories along with descriptions of their take on our weekly assignments.

That’s not to say that working our way through an entire cookbook, week by week, doesn’t have other advantages. I’ve stretched my culinary wings more than a few times so far and I’ve eaten very well, as have my trusty taste testers – my partner, family, friends, and even our housing co-op neighbours have all tasted a little bit of Dorie’s magic.

Another shot of the Peach Melba.

This week’s recipe is fittingly celebratory – Peach Melba is visually stunning, delicious, and surprisingly easy to put together. I was going to make ice cream, but didn’t manage to borrow an ice cream maker, so the ice cream is store-bought. I poached the peaches, though, whipped the cream by hand (that sort of makes up for store-bought ice cream, doesn’t it?), and pureed the raspberries. The rest was a matter of assembly. Who knew that giant brandy snifters could actually be useful?

So, consider this Peach Melba (in its giant glass) a toast to all Doristas, past and present. (Thanks, Trevor, for coining that term!) The site is a treasury, not just of great menu suggestions, but of great blogs, too – it’s worth looking through the early entries, as well as the latest ones, as there are some pretty cool bloggers who haven’t kept up with the group, for one reason or another. I’ve appreciated reading through all of them and I’ve especially enjoyed getting to know my fellow Doristas, a little, through their writing.

Thanks to Laurie for creating this group, Dorie Greenspan for her wonderful recipes, and also to Betsy and Mary for taking on admin duties on the site and on Facebook. We (literally) couldn’t do it without you.

My copy of Around My French Table, showing a little wear and tear.

I’m looking forward to the next 200+ recipes the group will tackle. I’m also looking forward to seeing the evolution of our little group over that time. I just hope my copy of Around My French Table holds up that long!

You can find many other blogged descriptions of this week’s FFWD recipe here: Peach Melba


53 thoughts on “FFWD – Peach Melba, or Our 100th Recipe

  1. What a lovely, touching tribute to the French Friday with Dorie group. Wasn’t Peach Melba the perfect dessert for this week? Ninety-one is quite a triumph, Teresa. Reason to be proud and hasn’t it made you better at many things, cooking, baking, writing, communicating, bridging miles to create and maintain friendships and supporting Doristas (didn’t know it was Trevor who invented that term) in good times and bad. Everything you wrote in this Post is represented in your last photo. The spine may be broken but it is still straight!

    1. I think that this dish really was perfect for our 100th. I’m pretty pleased that I’ve managed to make so many and the process really has been good for all of us, I think. I like your comment about the cookbook – very apt!

  2. A toast to you, Teresa and all our fellow Doristas! I love that you shared a photo of your well worn cookbook…mine is just splattered 🙂 Beautiful parfaits…I should have used some whipped cream…so delectable~

  3. That looks like a well loved cookbook. My binding is still holding, but not by much.
    Your parfaits are lovely – as was your post.
    It has been a joy to get to know you through posts and Twitter and comments. Cheers.

  4. A lovely tribute to all of the Doristas, Teresa!! Thanks for putting it so eloquently!! It has been a fun journey so far…looking forward to the next 200+ recipes! Your peach melba looks beautiful…a perfect celebration dessert!

  5. My binding is still ok but my book is a mess!!! I think Dorie would love that our books are so well loved. It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know you thus far – I can’t wait to see where the next 200 weeks takes us all!

  6. What a wonderful tribute, Teresa! And your photos are stunning. We did make the Bonne Idee Raspberry-Cassis Ice Cream & it was amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks, Susan! Your ice cream looked so wonderful. I’ll have to borrow an ice cream maker some time and try the ice cream recipes I’ve missed.

  7. I haven’t been in the group long but in the few short months I have been part of this I have truly spread my culinary wings: seaweed cookie, olive oil ice cream, poaching peaches, and making pickles. It is a wonderful journey.

  8. Teresa, beautiful and very touching tribute. I am in awe of all the achievements of the FFWD group and although I joined rather late, I really enjoy being part of the group.
    Your presentation of the Peach Melba is very elegant and I am glad that you enjoyed it so much, it was a fun recipe and the taste testers at our house were quite taken by this dessert too.
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for such a wonderful post!

    1. Thanks, Andrea. I’m so glad you’ve joined. I really enjoy your blog and your French Fridays posts have been a wonderful addition to our group.

  9. Your peach melbas are stunning in the big brandy snifters – great way to serve a truly decadent dessert;-) Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, I feel the same way-it’s been wonderful getting to know you through our blogs and FFWD-both our palettes and friendships have been expanded;-)

    1. Thanks, Tricia – I’m glad you’ve followed along on the blog and put up with me talking about it in person, too!

  10. Such a lovely post. When Tricia told me she had signed us up I had know idea about blogs
    and such, but I learned quickly. It has been a blast getting to know so many lovely people,
    and the recipes have been something else. When I look back, it’s amazing what we have
    accomplished. That melba looks incredible.

  11. Teresa, Thanks for sharing the photo of your well-loved book. I agree with the thoughts you shared in your post. I think I started for a known idea to blog about once a week. The community I joined was the reason I’ve kept with it. I had no idea it would be like it turned out to be. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through your posts over that past couple of years. Here’s to a few more years of cooking together.

    1. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you through your posts, too – I didn’t expect it to become such a lovely community, like you I was looking for a little blogging incentive.

  12. if it makes you feel better, my copy of the book is “missing” the last quarter of the book. the pages have just fallen out from the amount of use this book gets and I just keep tucking them back in. I keep meaning to get it re-bound or to glue them back in but alas I havent gotten around to it yet… LOL

  13. I agree, this was the perfect treat to celebrate 100 recipes: quintessentially French, deceptively easy, and quite delicious! I had to tape up my book in that same exact spot. 🙂

  14. I still miss my French Fridays group. I should probably count how many recipes I have completed. My book also fell apart this week. I loved this peach melba and ice cream. All the components went together so well. A nice end to summer.

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