FFWD – Herbed Olives

Herbed olives.

Tonight is one of those nights for grazing, rather than dinner, with a glass of red wine firmly in hand. These olives will go nicely with the cheeses, pâté, and spreads we’ve got on hand. Usually as the grey and wet of November takes hold, I’m wanting to make stews and soups, but this week, I want to keep it simple. My kitchen urges are all about sweets, lately, anyway. I’m rifling through my cookbooks for Cookie Swap ideas, even though I have to wait a couple of weeks before the baking can begin. Perhaps I’ll need a few test runs – there are some recipes in my copy of the Gourmet Cookie Book that might warrant experimentation.

I hope all our American Doristas are having a lovely long weekend. As for me, the weekend’s going to begin as soon as the wine has breathed a little longer.

You can find many other blogged descriptions of this week’s FFWD recipe here: Herbed Olives


14 thoughts on “FFWD – Herbed Olives

  1. These are perfect with a glass of wine. I love easy yet super delicious recipes like this. I hope your weekend is well underway, and that it’s a great one. Good luck picking out cookie recipes!

  2. Today was a cookie baking day in our house. Finding the right cookie selection was very stressful, but I think some winners came out.
    Enjoy that glass of wine!

  3. Hooray!!! I was excited to see your comment on my blog!!! After all the indulgences this week, I should just have some of my olives and some cheese for dinner…love that idea. I’m scouring my cookbooks for new cookie recipes, too…hope to find some winners!

  4. Teresa, it looks like you prepared wonderful Marinated Mediterranean Olives – and a the whole dinner sounds delicious, wine, spreads and a selection of pâtés and these olives – who could ask for more?!

    Have a great Sunday!

  5. After all the turkey and stuffing, mashed potato and cranberry relish, a lovely plate of
    cheese, pate, and herbed olives with a glass of wine sounds perfect. AND, then go
    straight to dessert. What could be better than that. Have a great relaxing weekend.

  6. Oh, that sounds like a lovely evening!! I agree, sometimes a nice glass of wine and some delicious nibbles are the way to go. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

    These were a big hit. They did, in fact, show up at our holiday table – an elegant twist on an old tradition.

  7. Lovely to hear from you. Your post reminds me that I’m more behind than I thought…I’d better decide on my cookie recipes too…it’s that baking time of year. Nice photo!

  8. Teresa, Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!! Your olives look wonderfully delicious…perfect for grazing with a glass of wine in hand!! My company really enjoyed them on Thanksgiving! Another keeper!

  9. While we were down here eating like fools, it seems as if your were relaxing, with your feet up and your stress down, and just grazing. That’s sound pretty appetizing to me. As were the olives. Yours look wonderful also.

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