Photos from a Tiny Urban Desert

I rarely go to Canada Place. Most Vancouverites don’t. It’s a cruise ship terminal and convention centre, primarily. This weekend, though, I went there to attend the EPIC Expo, courtesy of Vancouver Farmers Market. It’s a sustainable living show and there were lots of interesting organizations and products there.

I had my camera with me, but didn’t take any photos of the show. Instead, once I’d worked my way through all of the booths, entering contests I was destined never to win, I wandered outside and took some photos around Canada Place. My primary response was to wonder why such places are designed so that they become tiny deserts, devoid of any of the natural features of the region they’re in. Vancouver is in rainforest territory, yet in Sunday’s sunny weather, Canada Place felt like Nevada, arid and hot. I was glad to escape back into the artificial forest conditions of downtown’s highrises, where it was cool and breezy.

Here are a few of the shots I took.

Tulips, with a cruise ship in the background.

Tree, with incidental view in the background.

Tulips, with odd light standard in background.

Odd light standard

Odd light standard again, with glass building reflections.

Architectural details of the overhang alongside the promenade.

A reflection that reminds me of an abstract painting.


7 thoughts on “Photos from a Tiny Urban Desert

  1. Teresa these photos are so beautiful. I can’t stop looking at the one of the windows and their distortions. Fantastic. Your comment about not winning the contests made me smile. I do hope you win one one of these days!

    1. Thanks so much, Trevor! That photo’s my favourite of the group, too. As for the contests, the most I’ve ever won is a free consultation for window blinds, but I keep trying anyway…

  2. Hello Teresa, I have only visited Vancouver once but I remember it as a vibrant and beautiful City. I loved my stay there – it now feels as if that was sooo long ago – I think that the pictures that you took are quite beautiful and very interesting. Nice post, I enjoyed reading it and looking at your wonderful photos!

  3. Beautiful shots, Teresa. You have captured the dry, desert look perfectly especially in those window shots. It makes me think of how the steam rises from the road in the desert and distorts the landscape.

    I apologize for not stopping by earlier. I am getting so behind in my blog reading. Belonging to three groups is taking much more of my time than I thought. I am glad to see you are getting out and about. I must do the same!

    1. Thanks, Elaine! I’m having trouble keeping up with two groups, even with several of us working on Baking With Julia.

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