FFWD – Potato Chip Tortilla

Potato chips and tortilla ingredients

There’s something retro about using potato chips in a recipe, something very early-sixties-potluck about it. Back then, it would have been the topping on a casserole, but here it appears in a take on the Basque tortilla. There’s also something au courant about this recipe, too, particularly with the madness over Mad Men. Today, we’ve got a dish that would probably be described as convenience food, elevated.

I made it for brunch and everyone at the table was a little apprehensive about trying it. But, the potato chips sort of disappear into the eggs, leaving only a smoky potato flavour. There’s no milk or cheese in this dish, so the flavours of the other ingredients aren’t softened. The bite of the cayenne, the sweetness of the onion and garlic, and the freshness of the herbs complement the flavour of the potato (chips), with the richness of the eggs holding it all together.

The tortilla in the pan

I can’t say that I’d revisit this recipe soon; I’d much rather stick with real potatoes. I do think the mixed herbs are likely to find their way into the pan the next time I make the traditional version. I’ll also admit that the potato chips acquitted themselves very well.

The finished product, on a plate with a jaunty garnish of parsley

I’m a little behind on French Fridays – the others posted about this a few weeks ago. You can find their posts on this recipe here: Potato Chip Tortilla.


3 thoughts on “FFWD – Potato Chip Tortilla

  1. I am laughing – when I read this, I was watching Mad Men reruns (it seems to be the only thing on TV at 6 AM on a Sunday morning besides infomercials…)
    Lovely job -I agee that this was fun to play with, but would probably prefer the “real thing”. Have a great day.

  2. I have been thinking about you, Teresa, and hope all is well and that you are having a good beginning of the new year. Your photos just make me want to make this again. I actually enjoyed this more than John did I think.

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