It’s All About Love

It's all about love, really - painted on a car window.

I saw this car window painting today and it got me thinking about the things that I celebrate in my community and the things that make me angry. At the risk of sounding reductionist, it really is all about love. The things we advocate for, fight over, and try to bring into being; those are the things that make our lives and communities worthwhile.

So, for a little beginning of the year perspective, tell me: what do you love, what’s worth fighting for, and what would you mourn if it disappeared?

(I know this is categorized as a Tuesday Topic. The holidays got me a little out of synch, it seems.)


3 thoughts on “It’s All About Love

  1. I love my friends and family; freedom and happiness are worth fighting for; there are many things, great and small, I would mourn if they were gone.

  2. What a great and thoughtful post. When it comes right down to it it is all about love, isn’t it? I think that is what I have learned the most particularly this past year. We can’t take anything with us and while it is good to fight for things that we believe in it isn’t worth it to get upset and ruin our lives over it. We just need to do the best we can and be the best we can and love those who are important to us and most important – show them our love.

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