Sucre à la Crème

Sucre à la Crème

I just returned from a lovely visit with a couple of friends this afternoon. I gave them each some sucre à la crème, as one is Québécoise and the other is Scottish and misses having tablet (a very similar confection). We talked about having a little get together so that I could teach them how to make it – it’s much easier than telling, especially since in my family’s tradition there are no candy thermometers involved. I spoke to my mother about it and as it happens, she’s been looking up resources on the internet since we made our last batch. The recipes vary widely and the methods are very different, too. In our family, we use heavy-bottomed soup pots when we make this candy, but most of the videos we found show smaller pots being used. The consistency varies a lot, too, especially when maple syrup or corn syrup are used.

Here are two videos that can give you an idea of how sucre à la crème is made, though the method is a little different than the one we use. They’re both in French, though Ricardo has English recipe resources out there, too. Madame Quintin is the perfect French-Canadian Mémère, don’t you think?

I might have to make a video of my mother making her version. Maybe in time for next Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Sucre à la Crème

  1. I never had these but would love to try them especially if they have maple syrup in them!
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!
    (Just to let you know, the book has not arrived yet.)

  2. I need to get my French dictionary out. 🙂 I think that would be wonderful if you videotaped your mom making these. What a treasure that would be!

  3. This candy looks so delicious and I agree with lifeisfull…If it has Maple syrup in it…I would love it!
    What a great idea to film your mom. Elaine is right…a treasure!

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