Yellow flower with bee in flight.

Here’s a photo from the gardening workshop I took on the weekend. I’d fully intended to write a post about it today, but instead spent the day working on my backyard. One big project finished – building a raised bed for a vegetable garden. It’s all about works in progress around here lately.

A raised garden bed made with bricks laid on top of two-by-fours, with a wooden trellis on one end.


8 thoughts on “Working…working…

  1. Wow! That was fast. 🙂

    I can hardly wait until we’ve got the yard the way we want it. Until then, I’m going to fill that raised bed with veggies and plant some more flowers.

    1. Thanks, Ker-Yng! I’m hoping to see some plant shoots soon. If all goes as planned, there should be a little greenery within the next week.

  2. I’m impressed with your raised bed garden…can’t wait so see your crops. Great project and it is so rewarding to get fresh ingredients from your own yard.

  3. Thanks, Krissy! My uncle brought the materials and got a good load of soil and compost from my parents’ farm. I love that it’s made with recycled bricks, both because reuse of materials is always good and because the spaces between the bricks make a good home for beneficial insects.

    I’m hoping to see some green shoots within the next week – exciting!

  4. Thanks, Elaine – it’s looking even better now that I divided it into square foot sections and there are plants poking their heads out of the soil. Can’t wait to taste the vegetables in a few weeks!

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