Everyday Dorie – Maple Syrup & Mustard Brussels Sprouts

Maple Syrup & Mustard Brussels Sprouts

Just to get this out of the way up front, I was absolutely one of those kids who loved spinach and liver and Brussels sprouts. Though I drank pop when I was a kid, I switched to tea as soon as I was allowed to – I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve always been old.

So, I was delighted that this was a November pick, even if there is no big family dinner on the horizon. I’ll eat Brussels sprouts whenever I can get them, especially if it involves bacon. This recipe also involves a maple-Dijon glaze, so I’ve even happier. So happy, in fact, that I’ve made this recipe twice already. The first time, my photos were awful, so I just gave up and served them up. This time, I made a half batch, the photo is okay, and it’s all I’m having for dinner. (Don’t judge me. It’s been a long day and this dish more than qualifies under the half your plate guidelines.)

On that note, I’m headed for Netflix, apple pie, and an early night. Can’t wait to catch up on everyone else’s posts this weekend!

You can read through everyone’s posts here. You can join in on the singular pleasure of cooking, writing, and eating your way through Dorie Greenspan‘s Everyday Dorie with a group of French Fridays veterans, Doristas, and lovely people at Cook the Book Fridays.


13 thoughts on “Everyday Dorie – Maple Syrup & Mustard Brussels Sprouts

  1. Agreed – brussels sprouts have a wonderful texture and a delicious nutty taste. They were one of the highlights of Christmas past, for me – not so much nowadays, in Egypt! I don’t think you need to explain: to each his own. Hope you enjoy many more such treats…

  2. This was delicious and your photo looks perfect. I loved it, and I ended up eating it for lunch too. I wanted to get it done early so I could get a decent photo and it looked so good I just dug right in.

  3. Just so you know, I literally laughed out loud when I read “I guess what I am saying is I’ve always been old”. Hilarious and love it. I didn’t go for the spinach or liver (maybe partial credit for adoring liverwurst though ??) but somehow loved brussels sprouts when growing up. The sweetness of the maple syrup addition was a new twist that I thoroughly enjoyed. Like you, I can’t wait to make these again. Hope your apple pie and Netflix night was fab….but seriously, of course it was 🙂

  4. Sounds like you had quite the friday night last week with apple pie & netflix. Nothing wrong with that 🙂 I’m also thinking this would taste quite good in a salad too…as an addition or as leftovers (if that ever happens)

  5. I’m an old soul too, though I never ate Brussels sprouts until I was grown up (my parents forbade them from our table — their parents must have forced them to eat them one too many times.) Now they are one of my favorite vegetables (up there with beets, which I also never ate/was never served as a child).

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