Cook the Book Fridays – Madeleines


Last weekend was a feast of butter. I made Chicken Pot Parmentier (which I’ll tell you about on the next Cook the Book Friday), brioche, and these madeleines. I’ve had pretty good luck whenever I’ve made madeleines, even getting humps most of the time. This time around, there was something a little off with the texture, with large cracks in the top that I’m not used to seeing and the batter didn’t conform to the molds the way it usually does. Perhaps it was because the batter’s second rest was a bit longer than an hour, or perhaps I overworked the it a bit when incorporating the egg whites. This version shouldn’t be attempted on a day full of errands and projects, I think.

In this case, looks don’t matter because the flavour was perfect and the cakes were light. Madeleines are one of my favourite treats to bake for people, so I’m always glad to try another version.

I’m curious to know how many madeleines the average pan holds. This recipe called for two eight-madeleine molds and mine holds twelve, so I used one of my grandmother’s vintage tea cake pans for the balance of the batter. They turned out to be prettier than the ones in the madeleine pan. C’est la vie.

You can read through everyone’s posts here. And consider joining this community of wonderful cooks and lovely people, as we work our way through David Lebovitz‘ My Paris Kitchen.


4 thoughts on “Cook the Book Fridays – Madeleines

  1. Seeing these on your Instagram inspired me to make them! And the chicken pot parmentier sounds wonderful, I’m keen to make it. My pan holds 12 as well, I think they tasted great straight out of the oven 🙂

  2. What a week, Teresa! Your brioche looked beautiful. I’m with you on this Parmentier. And your madeleines!!! As long as they tasted great, who cares about to bump? I haven’t gotten to these, I may do a little baking today while I catch up on laundry. My pan is in storage, so they’ll have to have an alternate shape!!! Well done! Hope your Saturday is lovely!!

  3. They look wonderful! The madeleines are the only reason I go to Paul’s Patisserie (yes, we have all sorts of international coffee shops here in Cairo!) – you get a tiny madeleine free with your coffee. Never tried making them even though I do have the pan: maybe I should.

  4. A lot of baking with butter all at once. All sounds so wonderful. For me, it’s always fun to make madeleines. You’re reminded of their buttery goodness whenever you step into a Starbucks. I used two pans, one large one with 12 indentations and a small one with 20 mini-indentations. The recipe can fill more than the two pans.

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