Dorie’s Cookies – Pfefferneusse

I can’t seem to stop baking lately, with cookbook reviews, craft fairs, cookie swaps, and family get-togethers whisking me through November at a faster pace than I care for. The compensation is that the holidays are just around the corner and all that baking will go to good use. 

Well, except that some of it was donated and almost all the rest was shared and shared again, until I realized that I’d only managed to stash away some biscotti in the freezer. Everything else was gone.

Which sounds like a sad story, but honestly, I’m happy to have a reason to bake more. It’s my favourite way to gear up for the holidays.

These Pfefferneusse (or pepper nuts) were a great way to start. They’re full of spices and pecans, Christmas staples, and they can be dipped in chocoate or dusted with icing sugar, making them pretty and even tastier.

I’ll be sharing these Christmas week, so I left all but a few plain and popped them into the freezer.

However, I’m considering making another batch, so I can share them a little sooner. They’re this month’s Cookies and Kindness selection. Dorie has shared the recipe and you can make some to make someone’s day.

This week’s Dorie’s Cookies goodness can be found here, along with posts about the other Tuesdays with Dorie selected recipe for December, Christmas Spice Cookies.


7 thoughts on “Dorie’s Cookies – Pfefferneusse

  1. These cookies are lovely, and nice to read that your baking mojo is at full speed! I’m sure everyone is happy to receive your home baked treats! Have fun with your baking for the festive season! 🙂

  2. Wow, you are a baking whirlwind! This is a good recipe to have at hand as they went together quickly, could be given various change-ups and were delicious! Yours look so inviting.

  3. These were a new cookie for me but very flavorful. I enjoyed them best with chocolate. I am also stashing away cookies in the freezer for friends closer to the holidays. Happy baking.

  4. You have been busy! Your pfefferneusse look great. I am tempted to dip them in chocolate when I get around to them – who can’t use a little extra chocolate?

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