Cook the Book Fridays – Sardine Rillettes

Sardine Rillettes

Doristas, we’ve been here before, when we were working our way through Around My French Table. And yet, there was still so much trepidation at the thought of this recipe making it into our monthly rotation that it sparked an entirely new posting theme for Cook the Book Fridays. This is the first of our “extra edition” entries – whenever there’s five Fridays in the month, our admins will pick a recipe that group members find challenging for an optional posting on the final Friday.

Sardine Rillettes redux

I have a feeling that that all worries disappeared with the first bite – rillettes made with fish are satisfyingly savoury comfort food and sardines are especially suited to this treatment. David’s version uses a little cream cheese along with the traditional butter and it would be hard to imagine enjoying it as much without that creamy tanginess. His recipe is similar to Dorie’s, but hers is full of fresh herbs, while his has the briny herbaceousness of capers. Both are wonderful and perfect for a Friday night in, after a busy week. Especially if there are cocktails involved. I should look into that.

You can read through everyone’s posts here. And consider joining this community of wonderful cooks and lovely people, as we work our way through David Lebovitz‘ My Paris Kitchen.


12 thoughts on “Cook the Book Fridays – Sardine Rillettes

  1. I think Asians take to sardines, canned or fresh, rather well! We have no qualms with this! I like the cream cheese in this by David!

  2. I love your description of ” challenging recipes” for the extra edition phase. More like the
    recipes we don’t think we are going to like. Just teasing, actually, this one was a good recipe
    even when we made it for AMFT. Of course you must like sardines. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love your description of the two rillettes and their differences! I think I normally use sardines packed in water for rillettes because they’re less fishy and I’m going to try that again with both recipes in a head-to-head battle (with wine and/or cocktails!) since I preferred Dorie’s recipe. Looks great, Teresa!

  4. We love sardines around here, and using the spread as a sandwich filling is our favourite way of eating sardine spread, though we sometimes eat it with crackers too. We enjoyed this one a lot, served it with homemade bread. Will definitely make this again!

  5. I love rillettes! I can see how it’s a dish that could make many nervous, but you’re quite right, Teresa, the salty tang is very satisfying indeed and a perfect pairing with an aperitif!

  6. Most people liked this one, but I’m wondering if only the people who thought they would enjoy it participated this week (except for Mardi). I liked both David and Dorie’s versions, but need to plan a side-by-side test some time (or make a blended version).

  7. Teresa, I made the sardine spread although I didn’t make Dorie’s. This did seem to be a more reasonable recipe for me. What’s not to like about a cream cheese/butter mixture. I also think the herbs softened the fishiness of this rillette. My friends did try this with a cocktail and loved it. I had one which was enough for me.

  8. I was not brave enough to try this, especially since there would be no one to try it! I am inspired after reading everyone’s posts, mmmm- girls weekend is coming up – do I dare? Your spread looks great, and the bread looks very hearty.

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