A Late Start

A fig sprouting

It’s been so long since I’ve written about my garden. Perhaps that’s because I’ve hardly been able to attend to it until now. Three days after our annual soil delivery, I sprained my ankle rather badly and lost five weeks of backyard time. Luckily, I had planted tomatoes and strawberries in containers on the balcony, along with pineapple sage and tarragon, so I’m not as behind as I’d otherwise have been.

Yellow Brandywine tomato flowers

It’s only this week that my ankle has been strong enough to do some real gardening. Much of my time is spent battling morning glory, blackberry cane, buttercups, and nightshade – so much so that it’s almost become a refrain as I work. I’d cleared the worst of it in March, but by the time I got back to the garden properly, they’d all made riotous progress.

The hostas are flowering

I spent a day clearing blackberry cane and morning glory, pulling blooming shoots from the centre of the long-suffering bay tree at the corner of my yard. Then, I finally tilled the soil in my vegetable garden with a claw and a new-fangled hoe that my father found that looks more like a weapon for the zombie apocalypse than it does a garden tool. It was very satisfying. All I’ve got to do now is top up and mix the soil, mark off my square foot sections and plant. I’ve got lettuce, peppers, celery, and cucumbers waiting in pots, but I’m also going to take my chances late-sowing radishes. It’s perfect timing for my Tante Vivienne’s beans, which have been saved over generations, and I’m looking through my stash of seeds to see what else I can manage this year.

Wild carrot, with pollinators

Then, I’ll tackle the flower beds, though I’m leaving as many wild carrot plants intact as I can. I know they’re considered weeds, but I’ve seen at least eight different species of pollinator feasting on them. Maybe that makes me a bad gardener (along with the dandelions I leave in place in early spring, for similar reasons). Perhaps I’ll think of myself as a good host, instead.


6 thoughts on “A Late Start

  1. So sorry to hear about your ankle Teresa and I’m so happy to hear your recovery, and renewed progress you are making on your garden. It seems you will be back on track in no time now- with plenty for flourishing, may you enjoy lots of abundance, in addition to being a good host!

  2. How irksome to have an injury that keeps you away from one of your loves – gardening! But glad to hear you are well and back in charge – look out weeds! I also like to keep a beautiful and productive garden, but extra friendly to pollinators so yes, sometimes those volunteers get away from me and I have to do some serious clearing out (garlic chives, lady’s bed straw, and larkspur for me so far). Satisfying to have some space for something new as a reward though. Enjoy your garden and hope summer is kind to your fruit and vegetable crops!

  3. Hi Teresa, glad you are back on your feet. Looks like you have a fig tree, lucky you. I love working in my garden as well, makes me feel so much better.

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