Something Simple 


There was to be a savoury tart today, but a moment of inattention led to an evening of correcting tart dough instead. My Canadian eyes insist on reading “cup” when they should see “stick” and I put exactly twice as much butter into the dough as I was meant to. Luckily, it was easy to fix, but by that time I’d decided that leftover potato and spinach curry was a better dinner idea.

Now, I have one half of the dough fitted into my tart pan and the other well-wrapped. Both are hanging out in the freezer, awaiting another day.

I was still in the mood to bake – do you find that once you’ve set your mind on it, you’ve got to do it? Perhaps that’s just me.

I decided on drop biscuits, to use up some milk and because they’re perfect for the pot of plum jelly my mother brought over last week.

On Friday, I’ll show you what I had in mind for that savoury tart, with a deliciously piquant post. Until then, I’ll be enjoying warmed biscuits slathered with jelly.


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