G-W Portraits: Andrea Smith


Vancouver has a reputation as a bike-friendly city, but cycling culture itself has a long way to go before it becomes equally accessible to everyone.

That’s why Andrea Smith and Lucas Gallagher’s shop, Sidesaddle, is such a promising addition to the city. A “women-focused, everyone welcome” bike shop, Sidesaddle caters to one of the fastest growing sectors of the bike-riding market, while striving to make cycling more approachable for everyone. Spaces like these are the next step in expanding cycling culture.

Yesterday, I spoke to Andrea about the shop, its mission, what she loves about Grandview-Woodland, and Bike to Work week.

You can hear more from Andrea in her PechaKucha Vancouver presentation.

Or, stop in at the shop. Andrea’s pal Rudy might just be the city’s cutest greeter.

Bike to Work Week’s fall edition takes place from October 26th through November 1st this year. Sign up, log your kilometers, and visit celebration stations around the city. There are mounds of prizes and a number of intangible rewards, too.

Register here: Bike to Work Week

You can find the rest of the interviews in this series here: G-W Portraits


5 thoughts on “G-W Portraits: Andrea Smith

  1. Dear Teresa, we are quite avid bike riders around these parts – if ever you get the chance to visit Germany, you should definitely go and visit the city of Münster, a bike riders paradise – as are the Netherlands, the Dutch folks are absolutely crazy about those bikes – the store you featured looks like a wonderful bike shop to have in one´s neighbourhood!
    Hope all is well – have a great Sunday,
    Andrea – big day for Canada tomorrow…

    1. Thanks, Andrea! We are going to be on pins and needles tomorrow night – it’s a big election.

      Thanks for the bike-riding recommendations. I’d love to visit Germany and the Netherlands someday.

      Have a wonderful week!

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