Cottage Cooking Club – September 2015


It’s autumn, time for warming meals and bottomless cups of rose-infused lattes (this one’s from Chau Veggie Express).

It’s also harvest time and this month’s Cottage Cooking Club motto is to make the best of what’s seasonal and local. September was a make-up month, so we could choose from any of the recipes that we’ve missed, or revisit a favourite.

I caught up on two recipes this month. They were July picks, but they were perfect for all the garden vegetables that were still at their peak this month.



I made this early in the month, using some fantastic tomatoes. This is a rich soup, full of vegetables. I used some kale that was the nicest thing at the market the day I made it, but it would have been equally as good with any cruciferous green.

Instead of toasted country bread, I served this with rosemary crostini for me and gluten-free toast rubbed with garlic for Kevin. This soup makes a hearty vegan dinner. We’ll be having it often over the winter.


Kale and Ricotta Tart

The second dish I made is vegetarian and a dairy-lover’s dream. I used kale (again) in this dish, instead of the beet greens or chard called for in the recipe. It’s all about what’s freshest at the market, right?

I managed to pack a lot of kale in this tart, so it’s definitely health food, regardless of how much ricotta and heavy cream fill the all-butter crust.

Speaking of the crust, it’s not my favourite tart crust to work with and it’s not as pretty as my go-to from Dorie Greenspan, but it’s tender, tastes terrific, and is sturdy enough to contain the filling. It won’t replace my favourite, but I will use it again.

I’ve started testing recipes from the cookbooks I’ll be reviewing in my holiday cookbook series, so I haven’t gotten to as many River Cottage recipes as I’d like. Don’t let that fool you, though. This cookbook is one I’ll be working through and revisiting for a long time to come.

Here are the links to the rest of the group’s posts for this month. I encourage you to check them out – you’ll meet some wonderful bloggers and get some great inspiration for vegetarian eating.


13 thoughts on “Cottage Cooking Club – September 2015

  1. That stew looks very warm & inviting! I am sitting in the New Hampshire mountains right now & that would be perfect! I have some Swiss chard left in the garden & while I froze some I was hoping to use it, great idea! Thanks for sharing

  2. Bottomless lattes sounds about right for my week 🙂 I got back to NY and it was suddenly fall! I love the idea for that tart and I actually think that the texture of kale often cooks/bakes better than that of chard so I love the substitution!

  3. Hello Teresa, nice choices for the month. The kale and ricotta tart, a recipe I’ve not prepared really looks quite delicious! Also love your hot, creamy beverage! Wishing you pleasure in the autumn meals. See you soon.

  4. Dear Teresa, how nice that you have found a hearty soup recipe in Hugh´s book that pleases both yours and Kevin´s palate – I really like that you used kale for your ribollita (a recipe that we also greatly enjoyed when I made it). Your tart sounds soo good and seasonal and so very yummy!
    “See” you very soon with October selections coming up…
    Thank you for your continued participation in The Cottage Cooking Club and for sharing your enthusiasm for this group and the recipes from Hugh´s book!
    Liebe Gruesse!

  5. Your dishes look wonderful Teresa! That ribollita is one fantastic soup that I’ll have to make again soon and your choice of a more robust green for the tart was an excellent idea for counteracting all of that dairy. With all the beautiful fall produce available, I’m now looking forward to October’s choices.

  6. Oooh, I’ll be excited to see what cookbooks you’re working through! Looks great and that kale tart sounds lovely. Mmmmm, dairy. 🙂 Fall is my favorite time of year and it’s fun to see the shift happening in everyone’s posts, including yours. Now if the weather would just follow suit, all would be well. (ha!)

  7. Hi Teresa, did you say rose-infused latte, sounds amazing! also I made the soup back in July and I thought it was delicious and will be making again. The kale and ricotta tart sounds delicious, I had kale coming out of my ears, not sure why I did not make that one. Take care!

  8. I first made Ribollita from a Martha Stewart recipe a long time ago. It was tasty and I know this version (which I will make this winter) is as well. I think of it as a fall/winter dish just like you do. I seem to enjoy every savory or sweet tart I taste so Kale and Ricotta Tart appeals to me. I know from all your posts I’ve read on Facebook that you are cooking and having adventures. Good for you. I’ve been off the radar the past ten days but will get comments made today and, hopefully, post tomorrow. Happy Fall to you and Kevin.

  9. Teresa, your dishes look wonderful! And isn’t it nice when you find something you love that just “happens” to be Vegan (or gluten free)? Then no one feels like they are missing out!

    I loved that tart when I made it. I was one of the few who found beautiful beet greens, but I’m sure it’s wonderful with the kale too. I haven’t made the soup (it’s still not soup weather in AZ, though I’m excited to say that it IS Fall!), but it looks delicious. I should make that over the coming months – love soup!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! XOX

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