Hot Weather Eating – A Cottage Cooking Club Catchup


I’ve been eating simple meals all summer – we’ve had dry, hot weather and it’s been hard to contemplate using the oven or the stove much. Next year, I think I’m going to add a small grill to our outdoor equipment, because cooking outside is all I’ve been wanting to do.

Luckily, summer is full of fruit and vegetables freshly harvested and perfect for simple preparations. The salad at the top of this post is typical of what I’ve been eating lately, along with some very lightly prepared accompaniments.

New Potato Salad “Tartare”


One of my favourites this summer has been this salad, which gets away from the mayonnaise-soaked version you so often get in Canada and the U.S. Instead, it relies on herbs, cornichons, and a mustardy vinaigrette for flavour. It’s refreshing to have a bracing sourness underlying the dressing on a hot day.

Tomatoes with Herbs


I had so many cherry tomatoes that I made this two ways, one of which I’ll tell you about at the end of the month. This is the simplest way to enjoy tomatoes, with fresh herbs from the garden, a little balsamic, and a good olive oil. I had enough to satisfy us, share with our neighbours, and still had some to spare. I slow-roasted those and froze them. They’ll be brightening up my winter meals.

Tomorrow is going to be cloudy and mild (fingers crossed for some much-needed rain). I’m going to take the opportunity to put my oven and stovetop to work. So, you’ll be seeing a few more catch up recipes on the 28th of this month, along with August’s Cottage Cooking Club selections.

I’ve missed cooking along with all my CCC colleagues and I’m looking forward to catching up on your blogs.


4 thoughts on “Hot Weather Eating – A Cottage Cooking Club Catchup

  1. Hi Teresa, your light flavored hot weather dishes look lovely. Looking forward to seeing you on the CCC this month!

  2. Dear Teresa, I know what you mean about the hot summer and cooking – we have had two long heatwaves around here and my kitchen was not the most comfortable place to be in, to say the least. Cooking outside is a great alternative and I arranged a small bbq station – love it.
    The potato salad is my very favorite potato salad these days and the kids keep asking for it all the time – we love, love it and your presentation looks wonderful – same goes for the tomatoes with herbs, simple fresh and wonderful!
    Thanks for a great catch-up post, dear friend!
    Looking forward to your continued participation in The Cottage Cooking Club – we missed your input!

  3. The potato salad sounds particularly lovely.
    We have been using the grill quite a bit this summer – it’s really been a lifesaver (or should I say meal saver?) I am looking forward to getting back into the kitchen soon(ish).
    We have had a fairly cool summer (and pretty wet), but I am not complaining. We are having a spat of 90F+ weather this week though.

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