Blog Break

After the French Fridays wrap up, I decided to take a little blog break.

Starting July 28th, I’m back with my usual Tuesday fare. And I’ve revamped Fridays into “Catch Up Fridays” so that I can bring you some of the French Fridays with DorieCottage Cooking Club, and Tuesdays with Dorie selections I missed along the way, or some of the events I’ve been meaning to tell you about.

Hope your summer has been going as well as Roxy’s!


6 thoughts on “Blog Break

  1. Hi Teresa, Great to see your post in my inbox. Even more enjoyable as I am seeing bloggers taking breaks. I cannot think of a single blogger that I am not as eager to see whenever they take a break, and in fact love them all the more- because it seems they really live life – and share it. Looking forward to your upcoming journeys!

  2. Hi Teresa, I love the idea of catch up Fridays. I too am trying to do some catch up recipes. Unfortunately, I have been traveling a lot this month. I plan on starting next week with the catch ups- looking forward to your blogs! 😉

  3. I’ve been taking a blog break too. I have trouble finding time to blog in the summer, so it’s been nice having given myself permission not to worry about it. I like your idea of Catch Up Friday’s and I look forward to seeing your catch ups! Roxy looks adorable!

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