FFWD – Chicken in a Pot: The Garlic and Lemon Version

Chicken in a pot

It never occurred to me in October of 2010 what joining a weekly online cooking group would come to mean to me. I thought that I was setting up a routine to help keep me writing regularly on my new blog, but it’s been so much more.

Along the way, bloggers have come and gone, but there have been connections – no, friendships – built that have persisted through the whole of our journey through this book.

Our community has shared our cooking experiences, but we’ve also come to share our lives, at least a little, with each other. Many of us have met in person. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Cher and Mardi. And I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet Dorie when she visited Vancouver on her Baking Chez Moi book tour. But even for those far away, our weekly posts have felt like visits more often than stories.

And now, as Trevor pointed out, four years, seven months, and twenty-one days after we began, the group has reached the final recipe. It’s fitting that we saved the cover recipe for last, as we’ve all looked at that image so many times over these years. It seems like a celebration in itself to finally make the dish.

It’s a whole chicken braised with garlic, lemon, white wine, herbs, and vegetables. The pot is sealed with a simple bread dough that’s broken dramatically when the chicken is ready to serve. It felt a little like popping a champagne cork on New Year’s Eve – the end of the better part of five years spent cooking together.

My chicken needed a bit more than the hour that was specified in the recipe, but when it was finally done, it was perfect. And there was enough wine left over to toast the group before we settled down to eat. I purposely waited until now to try this dish, but I won’t wait that long again – it made a wonderful meal.

We’re not quite done, yet. There will be a month of celebratory posts as the group wraps up, so I’m (trying) to save my tears.

And here is the link to the very last round up of posts for a French Fridays recipe: Chicken in a Pot: The Garlic and Lemon Version.


18 thoughts on “FFWD – Chicken in a Pot: The Garlic and Lemon Version

  1. This was also my first, but not last, time making this recipe. Your copy of the book looks very much like mine – worn and well-loved. I am looking forward to the celebratory posts!

  2. Dear Teresa,
    I’ve a dab of a tear reading your touching post. What a beautiful finale.

  3. Oh, Teresa! I wish we could have met you in Seattle! But, I am certain we’ll meet one day. You must let us know if you ever make it to LA. This has been an amazing journey is so many ways. We really enjoyed this recipe, too, and are sure to make it again.


  4. Yet another lovely post. You summed it up so well.

    I thought it was brilliant to keep the cover recipe for the last. I’m pretty sure I will shed a few bittersweet tears over the next month. I hope I get to finally meet you in person. I love your city, and think it would be special to spend some time with you. Until then, I will enjoy your delightful posts!

  5. I am very happy to have been able to meet you in person – the food has been good, but it is the people that have made this all worthwhile.

    It is bittersweet to be at this point.

  6. Teresa – it has been a real pleasure meeting you through the FFwD group, reading your posts, enjoying your pictures and stories and marvel at your dedication. I am grateful for all those wonderful moments. But I am also looking forward the future and continued friendship through your blog and the CCC.
    Andrea – and, yes, your Chicken in a Pot looks absolutely wonderful

  7. I have so enjoyed getting to know you through this group. Yes, four years, seven months, and twenty-one days is a long time but it sure did go by fast didn’t it. Yes week for me was so not about the recipe that I reread my post this morning and realized I had hardly talked about the dish itself. I guess I tend to do that. I’m with Susan…lets do hope you can get to the LA area and look us up someday soon.

  8. This journey has proven to be so much more than expected and I have so enjoyed reading your blog week after week. I’m also trying not to focus on the end too much just yet… though it doesn’t seem to be working, I’ve already started tearing up at several posts:-(

  9. Teresa, it’s such a bittersweet week. We’ve accomplished so much, completing this project together and building an amazing community. Like you, I never expected joining this group to make such a difference in my life. I look forward to continuing to visit with you and see what you’re up to as we all go our own ways, for Fridays anyway. I hope to meet you in person at some point, share a cup of tea, and enjoy conversation and a meal.

  10. Teresa, I’ve so enjoyed following along with you a few years ago and then again upon returning to the group. I’ve always enjoyed your photos and your “voice.” What an incredible group! Looking forward to the next few weeks and since we are on the same coast of the same continent, I hope to meet you someday!

  11. Teresa, it has been fun cooking and chatting with you. I am sad that this project is ending, but I just know we will all stay in touch, this is too fantastic a group to let go of great friendships. Your chicken turned out amazing, I can’t believe we finally cooked the cover…..

  12. I loved reading this post, just as I have enjoyed the four plus years of reading your writing for FFWD and later connecting on other topics via Facebook. It has been an absolute treat and while bittersweet, I look forward to what the future holds for this group. I know we will still stay connected no matter what projects come (or don’t come). All the best to you and Kevin and that sweetheart of a Westie 🙂

  13. I always enjoy your posts! It is my sincere hope to get to your beautiful city one of these days and meeting you will be on the top of my list!

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