FFWD – Next-day Beef Salad


I’ve never really understood the aversion some people have toward leftovers. I suppose if you’re talking about a week’s worth of dry casserole, you’d have something to complain about. But, it’s so easy to make a great meal when you’ve got leftovers in the fridge. Soups and stews can be eaten as is, while other mains and side dishes can be turned into sandwiches, salads, soups, or frittatas. All the flavour of the original dishes, with only a little more work.

I wonder if it’s that leftover label that kept the French Fridays crew from tackling this week’s recipe until almost the end? It shouldn’t have, because this salad is the opposite of that stereotype – it’s full of great flavours and textures and though it doesn’t photograph very well, it’s colourful and vibrant on the plate.

The salad is more properly made with Bœuf à la Ficelle or roast beef, but I had leftovers from a beef daube in the fridge, so set aside some of the cubed meat and garlic cloves, instead.

Dorie’s dressing is simply mayonnaise with one or two French mustards. I added some of the garlic from the daube to mine, as well. And then I started chopping – cornichons, olives, capers, red pepper, green onions, and more. I especially liked Dorie’s addition of a little bit of finely chopped hot pepper and I suspect you could use a tiny bit of shaved horseradish in its place, for a more English take on heat.

Dorie takes classic accompaniments for beef and transform leftovers into a salad that’s interesting enough to serve to guests for lunch or a light dinner. Add a glass of wine and there will be no discussions of leftovers to be had.

You can find links to the rest of the French Fridays crew’s posts on this week’s recipe here: Next-day Beef Salad.


10 thoughts on “FFWD – Next-day Beef Salad

  1. You got that right. I never realized there was such stigma against leftovers until just recently. Personally, I don’t really care to know these people who can’t appreciate the art of eating ‘the day after.’ I really loved this salad. I’ve had it three times…or at least a small variation on it…its just that kind of salad. Very nice post!

  2. This was a wonderful salad with all the goodies thrown in. It really perked the beef up and Dorie’s
    dressing made it special. We loved it. Yours looks great with those salad greens as a base.

  3. At the risk of Dorista ostracization, I have mixed feelings about leftovers – it depends on the food. Some foods take to being “left over” very well; others, not so much…
    This one, however, was a winner.
    I like the thought of a little horseradish in here – after all, that is the best way to enjoy beef 🙂

  4. I’m very lucky that my hubby is always on board with eating whatever we have in the fridge. We love leftovers…and this salad was a perfect use of leftover meat! I bet it would work great with pork, or chicken too! Your salad looks beautiful, Teresa!

  5. we love leftovers at our house! 🙂 we insist on making just a bit more than we need so that my hubs always has a hot lunch to take to work thats filling and tasty and we enjoy eating all sorts of repurposed leftovers at the house for lunch, its the best!

    this salad is really lovely, isn’t it? 🙂

  6. Yeah, this salad is awesome. I like leftovers, and frankly don’t have time (or funds) to be picky about eating a new meal each night. I do have to say I’m not very good with repurposing them, though. I’ll have to put that on my self-improvement list. 🙂 Your photo of the salad looks beautiful!!

  7. I really like your horseradish idea. I wish I had thought of that….I’m with you. I love having leftovers in the fridge, and eat them many days for lunch.

  8. I love leftovers. With just two at our house, I actually plan for them, cooking for 4-8 and then enjoying the leftovers all week long. You’re right that there are so many creative meals to be made from a fridge filled with cooked ingredients. Love the idea of horseradish heat in this. Horseradish and beef are perfect mates.

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