Renovation Blues


Things might be a little slow around here for the next couple of weeks. Our place is undergoing a complete re-piping right now and it’s put our living space into chaos.

On the negative side, I’ve missed a French Friday and I might miss one more, between water shut offs and emptying out built in bookshelves, storage spaces, and one quarter of my kitchen.

On the positive side, I’ll have a timely book review for you on Saturday and next Tuesday, I’ll be telling you about a resource for your New Year’s resolutions that can be found right in one Vancouver grocery chain.

In the meantime, I’ll be telling myself that this renewal will help give another twenty years’ life to this building…


10 thoughts on “Renovation Blues

    1. Thanks, Mardi! It’s not as exciting as, say, redecorating (more like a cleanse than a makeover). But, it’s giving me some motivation to purge things we don’t need/use/like anymore. And that part will seem a lot more like a makeover. 🙂

    1. Thanks! It will be worth it, as we’ll have reliable pipes that will last another 20-30 years. The de-cluttering it’s inspiring will also be worth it.

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