Smoked Salmon Waffles – A French Fridays Catch Up


It’s not Christmas dinner I most look forward to, but Christmas brunch. There are fewer rigid expectations and an opportunity for playfulness that you don’t get at the more formal meal. This year, I made a bûche de Noël and smoked salmon waffles. Another year (actually, more than one), I made cardamom bread.

I bought a waffle iron a few months ago, in anticipation of making smoked salmon waffles for Christmas brunch. My brother caught and smoked a salmon himself earlier this year and my mother had some stashed in the freezer. Christmas morning waffles seemed like a great way to use some of the salmon and celebrate the season.

I loved how easy the batter was to put together and the waffles came off the iron without any trouble at all. (I sometimes wonder why people buy boxed mixes for waffles and pancakes, when making them from scratch is so easy and gives you much better results.) The savoury flavours of smoked salmon and green onions made these waffles the perfect accompaniment to our brunch, especially with a little dollop of cream on top.

They could also easily be elevated to cocktail snack or appetizer presentation by making them smaller, as Dorie gives as one option, and topping them with crème fraîche and salmon roe. Then, they would make a nice part of a New Year’s Eve spread.

Happy 2015, everyone! My blogging goals for this year include improving my photography (as you can see above, I’ve been a little complacent of late) and concentrating more on the quality of my writing. What are your goals for this year?

Find links to the rest of the French Fridays crew’s posts on this recipe here: Smoked Salmon Waffles. Then, see how everyone fared with this week’s recipe Simplest Breton Fish Soup.


20 thoughts on “Smoked Salmon Waffles – A French Fridays Catch Up

  1. Hi Teresa, Happy New Year! Your smoked salmon waffles look lovely, and I do like the pic too! Best Wishes on your goals in the upcoming year!

  2. These were one of my favorite recipes…even Bill ate them. I will have to think about making them for Christmas brunch next year! The adults would love them! Yours look quite delectable! Happy New Year, Teresa!

  3. Happy New Year, Teresa.
    We enjoyed these as well.
    I wish brunch were more popular in my house. There is something I love about the possibilities for mush-mashing morning and afternoon meals.
    It sounds like yours was lovely 🙂

    1. Happy New Year! It was great, though I wish we’d also done a strata, as you did (thanks, Instagram!). I think I’m going to make one next year.

  4. Teresa, sometimes I wonder if I even cooked with this group. I have never made these and you have made me know it’s a must-do. The only waffle iron I own is a Mickey Mouse waffle iron and it’s packed and in storage. Maybe I should make a purchase. Is this your brother, the chef, who smoked the salmon? It sounds as good as it probably was. And, a great idea for Christmas brunch. I haven’t gotten to everyone’s Buche de Noel yet but look forward to seeing your efforts. Happy, Happy New Year. I also am going to work on my photography. Everything just takes time, doesmn’t it?

    1. Happy New Year, Mary! My brother the chef did make the smoked salmon and it was delicious! And yes, everything does take time, which is why I find myself taking snapshots of dishes, instead of thinking about presentation, lighting, and everything else. I’d love to take a course or two, some time, as well.

  5. Happy New Year! Serving those salmon waffles for Christmas day brunch is a great idea and now I’m wishing that I had thought of it. We went the lazy route and had bagels with lox and cream cheese. Making the waffles would have classed the act up a bit.

    1. Happy New Year! I think bagels with lox and cream cheese is an equally good brunch option – one of my favourites. However, the waffles were so easy, delicious, and pretty that they might become a new tradition.

  6. I love home-smoked salmon. How amazing that your brother also caught the fish. I remember being pleasantly surprised by these waffles. Thanks for the reminder about them!

  7. These smoked salmon waffles did not go over big in my house. I am glad that you all enjoyed them especially with the homemade ingredients. Brunch is the best meal. Happy New Year.

  8. Teresa, the waffles look great! We loved them as well, even though we initially did the hors d’oeuvres route. Then again, we did eat them with breakfast the next day with a poached egg. Mmmm…. Great recipe, huh? Anyway, Happy New Year!

  9. What a perfect choice for Christmas brunch! My blogging goal for the year is pretty simple: keep up! Keep up with the posts I want to write, and also to keep up with my blog reading. And of course to finish AMFT with all recipes complete!

  10. Happy New Year Teresa!! Your waffles look delicious, and I’m happy for the reminder! I love brunch too, I just don’t always get there.

    I’m sure your brother’s salmon put them over the top! Nothing quite like it!

    I would love to keep up with my projects on my blog, and would really love to blog about my own recipes. I don’t seem to have the time these days – a little frustrating, but I guess that’s the way it goes!

  11. What a great Christmas Brunch!

    Goals, hopefully catching up someday with my blog. There is so much I want to share and I just don’t ever seem to be able to. Maybe this will be the year I pull it together.

    Happy New Year!

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