Reading and Planning While the Year Wanes


This past weekend, I was out in Aldergrove helping out with a Christmas craft fair that my mother helped organize. When I wasn’t busy uploading photos to the Facebook page and website, I was sneaking in breaks to read Eula Biss’ brilliant new book, On Immunity: An Innoculation.

It’s the most clear-headed view of vaccine controversies I’ve seen to date. But it’s also beautifully written and wide-ranging, in much the same manner as Rebecca Solnit’s work. I’ve got it out from the library at the moment, but I’m going to be buying it eventually and tracking down her previously published work, too.

Here are few more things on my ‘To Read’ pile:

Not that reading is the only thing on my agenda in the coming weeks. In the run up to the holidays, I’ll have a few cookbook reviews for you and I’ll be telling you about some of the craft fairs and seasonal events that are starting to fill up the calendar.

In the meantime, I’m picking out this year’s cookie swap recipes, planning my holiday gathering contributions, and finishing up putting the garden to bed. So much for spare time.

What are you up to as 2014 rapidly comes to a close?


3 thoughts on “Reading and Planning While the Year Wanes

  1. I will look up that book on immunizations – always a big subject up for debate here!

    My bedside table is stacked with books at the moment! I’ve just finished The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher and am starting on the Best American Short Stories 2014 aanthology. I have a collection of letters from 1930s Germany and Austria to read as well, and yes, new cookbooks, always!

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