Tuna and Mango Ceviche – A French Fridays Catch Up


There are certain advantages to being an omnivore who lives with a vegan. I will happily eat the meals I cook for Kevin, but there is now an undercurrent of “more for me” when I’m making French Fridays dishes. Though there are lots of dishes – more than you might guess – that work for vegans in Around My French Table, there are many glorious meals that are decidedly not vegan-friendly.

This ceviche is one of them. I’m getting lots of practice in minification à la Mardi, because even a dedicated omnivore can’t be expected to finish meals meant for four, especially when they’re as perishable as ceviche. For this recipe, I decided to make enough for a generous appetizer for one. I headed down to the local sustainable seafood store for 100 grams of Ahi tuna and made about one-quarter of the recipe.

Dorie’s ceviche is sweet with mango, creamy with avocado, tart with lime, and rich with tuna. There is crunch from the onions and heat from the hot sauce. There’s just as much going on visually, too. Though I didn’t really want to share, I wished I did have someone there to admire it. (Not Kevin, because giving up sushi was quite a sacrifice for him and I didn’t want to torture him.) No matter, I’m filing this away for a dinner party idea someday. This dish would look gorgeous in a pretty bowl, set inside another pretty bowl filled with ice. Whatever followed would have to be absolutely smashing, though, to compete.

If you’re worried about making ceviche at home, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook will set your mind at ease, give you some tips and a recipe you can try, too. You can find Dorie’s version in Around My French Table. It’s yet another recipe that’s worth the price of the cookbook.

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12 thoughts on “Tuna and Mango Ceviche – A French Fridays Catch Up

  1. Hooray to you for getting this made, Teresa. You make it sound beyond delicious. Most Doristas who made this raved about it. I haven’t gotten this one done yet (did a make-up instead) but I had already decided to put this together soon. Loved your wording and phrases in describing this recipe. Yeah, not much fun in eating something this delicious by yourself……or, is it?

  2. Yup, it is nice to have someone else admire your handiwork along with you 🙂
    I have been channeling my inner “minify Mardi” more and more lately. It definitely is an acquired skill – but I am getting better at it.

  3. This is on my make up list – sous chef loves ceviche, and now that Whole Foods opened I feel a lot better about buying fresh fish in the desert. I may have to minify it also ala Mardi!

  4. I’m out for a bit but this dish has never left my mind to do when I can get going again. SOmething tells me I can polish off 4 servings of this quite nicely thankyouverymuch. And you still haven’t convinced me that there are ANY advantages to omnivore-vegan match ups. (Although I’m glad you can find them.)

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