FFWD: Butter and Rum Crêpes, Plain and Fancy


In the early years of my parents’ marriage, my mother went on a quest to find the perfect lemon meringue pie recipe. It was my father’s favourite dessert and he told her he hadn’t had a good slice since he’d moved away from home. He’d never found any that could measure up to his mother’s recipe.

We were living in Winnipeg at the time, surrounded by my mother’s family, and she thought he should have a taste of home, too. So, she asked all the nurses she worked with at the hospital. Some of them brought in pie for my father to try and others passed on their recipes to my mother. Each time he was presented with a new version, Dad said, “It’s good, but it’s not like Mom’s.” Then, she went to her aunts, famously prolific scratch cooks, for their recipes. He thought their lemon meringue pies were pretty good, but they still didn’t measure up to his mother’s.

Finally, my grandparents came out to visit and my mother took my grandmother aside to ask her for her recipe. She told her how many different recipes she’d tried, without success. Grandma replied,”Oh well, dear. I just use Shirriff’s.” That possibility hadn’t occurred to my mother.

So, shortly after that visit, there was one more pie for my father to try. He tried it and said delightedly,”This is it! This is just like Mom’s.” My mother pulled out the box to show him and that was the end of scratch lemon filling in their household for many years to come.

Until now. I’ve made Dorie’s lemon curd before, but not for my parents. One of the options that Dorie presents for this week’s assignment is a lemon curd filling. The crêpes themselves are flavoured with lemon and orange zest, along with rum and orange liqueur (I used Triple Sec). There’s also a buttery orange and lemon sauce that goes on top, so I thought, why not go the distance? It was a good choice. My crêpe-making technique needs a little work – thank goodness for folding, it hides a multitude of less-than-perfectly-round sins. The texture of the crêpes was spot-on, though, and the make-ahead filling and sauce make them the sort of dessert you can “just throw together” to impress.

This dessert was a big hit with my parents. My Dad even said the filling was just as good as Shirriff’s.

You can find many other blogged descriptions of this FFWD recipe here: Butter and Rum Crêpes, Plain and Fancy


41 thoughts on “FFWD: Butter and Rum Crêpes, Plain and Fancy

  1. Next any one’s hubby says nothing like his mother, go direct to MIL and ask! LOL! I like Dorie’s lemon curd recipe – she uses whole eggs not only yolks!

  2. Oh I just loved that story. And your mother’s efforts to get samples and recipes to try is a wonderful indicator of true love at work. How utterly sweet. I also glad that your Dad did recognize the winner pie (regardless of the source) and his palate held true. Can’t imagine what would have happened if he had not recognized it as tasting just like his Mom’s 🙂 Love that you did Dorie’s lemon curd. I hit Trader Joe’s instead but really need to make this from scratch. And your crepes look lovely- imagine they would have unfolded as well 🙂

    1. Thanks, Tricia. I’d never thought about the fact that my Dad’s palate was so on the mark. I’ll have to mention it to him – he’ll be pleased. Definitely try the curd – it’s wonderful! And the crepes looked okay. They just weren’t really round.

  3. Your crepes look so lovely. I think your arrangement is beautiful, and in keeping with such a sweet story! Ah, food memories. Too cute.
    Mine did not meet with your success. At least the sauce I made was good. 🙂

  4. Loved your story, Teresa! How sweet of your mom to try and please him! I did kind of what your mom did with Brownies…when we were first married my husband kept telling me how my neighbor made the best Brownies he ever had! Every week I would try a new recipe, and he would say not as good as Sandy’s. When I finally asked Sandy about her recipe, she told me it was Duncan Hines!! That was the last time I worried about whose food he liked better than mine! Your crepes look lovely…glad they were a hit with your family! We really enjoyed them, too! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Kathy. It was really sweet of her, wasn’t it? I’ll have to remind my Dad. That’s a great story about the brownies, too. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  5. Teresa, what a lovely story…and how wonderful that your fabulous looking crêpes were such a big hit at your house! Your presentation is very pretty too! Perfect plate!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  6. Great story Teresa! It is not surprising to me that it was a mix – so much the “in” thing in those days. Love the idea of the lemon curd filling. We went with Nutella and strawberries 🙂 because we could.

    1. It really was the “in” thing, wasn’t it. My first memories of baking have to do with mixes and simple scratch squares. I don’t think that would be as true today. You can’t go wrong with Nutella and strawberries. 🙂

  7. Too funny. Just think of all the effort your mother could have saved:-) Reminds me a bit of my father. He grew up in South Florida and his favorite dessert to this day is Key Lime Pie. But he’s very particular about it and no recipe comes close to his mothers, which we luckily have and which is very easy.

    1. They were nice plain, weren’t they? I just couldn’t resist trying the curd when I found a bag of Meyer lemons. They’re not seen as often around here as other lemons.

  8. I loved your story, Teresa. It’s reassuring that your dad’s taste was consistent. I love Dorie’s lemon curd recipe. I had a purchased jar which I used. I have to practice my crepe cooking too. I’m glad they taste good no matter how they look. And, I’m glad your family enjoyed these.

  9. Too funny. Sounds like my trying to make my MIL’s chicken and homemade noodles. They were never quite as good.

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