FFWD: Compote de Pommes Two Ways


One thing I appreciate about these French Fridays is the way Dorie’s French take on familiar recipes forces me out of my flavouring habits. Usually, my apple sauce is full of warm apple pie flavours – cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom. This compote de pommes relies on vanilla, instead, to bring out the flavour of the apple.

We’re well into autumn here, so much so that I’m going to have to pull out the rake this weekend and start on the fallen leaves, spreading them over the vegetable garden, once I finish its fall clean up. My flower garden is still going strong, though, especially the dahlias, which are continuing to bloom. Nothing feels urgent outside now. These tasks are simply waiting for me, unlike the weeds of spring and summer, who wait for no one.

Fall and winter cooking doesn’t feel urgent either, the worry that I’m not making the most of something before it’s gone just doesn’t apply to storage fruits and vegetables. The process of cooking slows down, too, with soups and stews and compotes like this one warming the kitchen and the belly.

I made enough of this compote to enjoy of ice cream (or rather, Coconut Bliss) tonight, with lots left over to stir into yogurt tomorrow morning. Next time, I think I’ll make a bigger batch. I haven’t made an applesauce cake in far too long.

You can find many other blogged descriptions of this FFWD recipe here: Compote de Pommes Two Ways


13 thoughts on “FFWD: Compote de Pommes Two Ways

  1. That looks delish! Never had applesauce with anything before, never made any applesauce before even! Have to make another batch to it out with ice cream….. mine’s all gone!

  2. This recipe was a hit here too. I’ve made it fairly often, as I like it with my yogurt and granola, but it also makes a nice, simple dessert. I got inspired by the Doristas and made another batch, this time with some pears added, cardamom, a bit of lemon peel and the vanilla – and used the food mill. A nice alternative.

    Hope you enjoy all of your “yardwork” outside – it’s my favorite time of year.

  3. Can’t believe I never made it before this week, but so glad it was on the roster. As a newbie to homemade I was not thinking about how unusual the vanilla was- but we loved it. Yay Dorie !

  4. We really enjoyed the hint of vanilla in this applesauce, too! It really did bring out a different side to the applesauce! We ate ours plain and really enjoyed it! I have to wonder why I don’t make it more often! Yours looks delicious…Happy Autumn, Teresa!

  5. I liked this too. The vanilla was such a pleasant surprise. Never had vanilla in applesauce before either. Though an applesauce cake sounds delicious too!

  6. Teresa, your writing style is wonderful…I love reading your posts – you are right, the vanilla in this homemade apple compote was a wonderful touch – any excuse to use a vanilla bean is good – I was a day late but we loved this recipe, but then, we pretty much love all kinds of apple compote.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. Ah – we are in our third round of leaf removal – but at least we don’t have to mow the lawn any more 🙂
    The ice cream pairing sounds wonderful – now I am craving maple walnut ice cream with applesauce

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