FFWD – Tzatziki


The neighbourhood next to mine is called Hastings-Sunrise, though it’s also been branded The East Village by its business association. It’s only a few blocks away, but it’s in the opposite direction from my regular shopping route, so I don’t get over there as often as I’d like. This afternoon, I decided to get out of my usual routine and head east rather than south. My first stop was Black Rook Bakehouse, which I’ve been meaning to check out since it opened. They’ve got gorgeous pies, cakes, and cookies, along with breads and savoury pot pies, but I settled on a slice of chocolate-threaded banana bread, for an after-errands treat. The lovely shopkeeper threw in a loaf of potato bread, since they were about to close for the long weekend. I’ll be back for some more of that, on my own dime next time. Next, I stopped in at Donald’s Market, for some late-season strawberries and some gluten-free oatmeal. (There are going to be basil-blackberry crumbles all summer long, I think, so I need to be well-stocked with oatmeal.)

You’re probably wondering right about now what all this has to do with this week’s recipe, aren’t you? My next stop is the segueway. Rio Friendly Meats lives up to its name, or rather, its staff does. They stock an array of house-made sausages, along with great cuts of meat. It was the chicken breasts marinating in Greek spices that I came for, though. I thought they’d go perfectly with this week’s Tzatziki, and I was right.

We ate quite late tonight, so I don’t have any photos for you, but I served the oven-roasted chicken with a dollop of tzatziki and a salad on the side (which included the first of the yellow zucchinis from my garden). The tzatziki was also wonderful as a dip for vegetables and rice crackers this afternoon. Tomorrow, the leftovers are going to stand in for cottage cheese in a Greek-style version of last week’s Dieter’s Tartine on that amazing potato bread (for me) and some Udi’s gluten-free bread (for Kevin).

I’m not sure why I haven’t been making my own tzatziki up until now, but I’ll be making up for that omission in future. At a quarter of the recipe, it’s just right for us for two or three days of Greek-inspired eating.

And as for Hastings-Sunrise, I hardly did it justice with my three paltry stops today. If you’re interested in what the neighbourhood has to offer, the folks at Vancouver East Village have done a wonderful job of covering all its businesses and amenities.


You can find many other blogged descriptions of this week’s FFWD recipe here: Tzatziki


14 thoughts on “FFWD – Tzatziki

  1. Great post about my neighbourhood, and lovely photos! P.S. I am super excited to try the crumble. Am too full from dinner to eat it tonight, but I’m anticipating having it tomorrow … maybe even for breakfast!

  2. I remember my mom exploring the Van neighborhoods while we were in school…she’d bring home lots of treasures, but the bakery treats were always our favorites. You sure put together a fantastic meal!

  3. Your shopping adventure sounds lovely., Teresa My kind of shopping! I’ll be the tzatziki was delicious with the chicken. And tartine with tzatziki also (much better than cottage cheese…) We didn’t have enough time to make the crumble while visiting at my sister’s. However, the blackberries in my backyard are just starting to ripen, so I WILL be making it soon. Have a great weekend!

  4. What an interesting post, Teresa. I envied you the many stops at the various and interesting stores. Most often I forget the possibilities because I’m always rushing, on a mission, and Whole Foods and City Market solve my needs. I’m trying very hard to slow down and take a deep breath and your Post has inspired me and given me a reason to do just that. (I know, I know, I shouldn’t need a reason.) Going Greek for few days sounds fun.

  5. I too enjoyed you sharing the treats of the local neighborhood. I am out in the ‘burbs so for the most part rely on local supermarkets and the big chains, and then experiment at home. But there is nothing like a true shopkeeper and all the treats they offer. So great that spotted you that bread- generous and they just got a loyal customer ! Yes, many of us will now be making the tzatziki at home – after learning how easy and delish it is. ~ Tricia

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