Aquatic Inspiration

The school group beside us called this the 'Finding Nemo' exhibit.

Vancouver Public Library, along with about twenty partners, has introduced a new way for locals to experience the attractions that are usually left to visitors to Vancouver. Over a two-week borrowing period, the Vancouver Inspiration Pass allows patrons of the library to visit local attractions and recreation facilities for free. It’s a nice way to play tourist in your own town.

My friend Tricia has one of the passes right now and today she took me along with her to the Vancouver Aquarium for a photo visit. It was a challenging environment for photography and I only got a few shots that I was really pleased with. I’m sharing a few that I like for photographic reasons, and a few more that I’m fond of despite their flaws. (You can find some more professional shots from Tricia, here.)

Vibrant green sea anenome

A red and black butterfly in the tropical rainforest exhibit.

Reptilian still life.

Spot the frog.

This frog might be poisonous, or posing as a poisonous species.

Bullfrog at rest.

Oh, how I wish I'd written down the name of this adorable amphibian...

Luminous beluga, doing the backstroke.

Beluga of mystery.

South African penguins, through a glass darkly.

Artic char, ever moving.


3 thoughts on “Aquatic Inspiration

  1. Your photos turned out really well! I especially like the green anemone, the papillon, and the frog (toad?) photos. And I love the colours and the way the light shines through the tails in the final photo. What a wonderful time we had!

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