FFWD – Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin


Have I mentioned that I have some envy issues when it comes to citrus? Reading about other Doristas walking into their yards and picking fruit for the week’s recipe emphasizes the drabness of Vancouver winter a little too keenly. I was able to find some lovely Cara Caras today, so that’s some consolation.

Another consolation is that the orange in this dish didn’t wow me. Next time, I’d reach for some apples instead. Cardamom-rubbed porkloin, roasted in an apple cider and balsamic sauce, now that seems more my style. Not that I minded the stove-top method. It gave me more room in the oven to roast some potatoes and garlic, which I smashed with butter and a little milk before serving.

Now, I’m off to enjoy the long weekend. Next week, it’s coeur à la crème and the dreaded V-word.

You can find many other blogged descriptions of this week’s FFWD recipe here: Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin


16 thoughts on “FFWD – Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin

  1. I think your pork roasted with the cider sounds more my style too. There are definitely no citrus trees waiting to have their fruit plucked off here. Just frozen tundra and snow.
    We enjoyed this, but I played around with it alot…
    The heart of cream was nice, but mine ended up being a dip – not a slicer 🙂
    ENjoy your weekend. Stay warm

  2. You are right. The pork would be better with apples. I liked how the meat was cooked, it came out really tender, but the orange sauce left me wanting something else. Enjoy your long weekend!

  3. Teresa, your suggestion for an apple cider and balsmic sauce sounds lovely too – we love apples and pork too but (with quite a few changes) we liked the orange pork dish – you used delicious Cava Cava oranges, I went for the blood oranges. No orange trees in our garden either…
    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. yep, I’m totally with you on the walking into your backyard and picking citrus. I wish! 😦 Well, it was good of us to try the orange and pork combo though, wasn’t it? I think the orange and cardamom are going to have to be more prominent before I will like this one!

  5. Your style, cardamom-rubbed porkloin, roasted in an apple cider and balsamic sauce, is definitely my style also,Teresa, but I so wanted this recipe to be delicious. I wanted the citrus flavoring to work but it just didn’t. I think Guyla was right when she suggested that today’s lean pork, without the fat, just isn’t as flavorful. Now, in the olden days when our meat was fattier………… Thank you for telling me about OMG!YUMMY . I have signed on and will be an eager participant after I get this move to Colorado accomplished. Right now it is hit-and-miss. Mardi also has her young men cooking the book so it’s fun to read her comments. Do you have either of his recent cookbooks? I think you would enjoy them. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  6. Dreaded V word indeed. As to this one…it was much better as a salad the next day. I’d almost make it again just to have as salad food for lunches during the week. But that is hardly a reason t make something, is it?

  7. I am with you on preferring apples with my pork but this was a fun change. I am also with you on envying folks walking outside to get citrus- what ??? I am happy it is not snowing. Playing with my STORE BOUGHT oranges was fun (albeit a bit time consuming…..) but at least we could use the great color and aroma in the otherwise dreary kitchen this time of year. Happy V Day…

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