First Person Imperfect

That should be breathe...

Friendship in the face of the differences and inequalities in our culture can be a tricky thing. Working through our various political and social struggles can be exhausting, sometimes. What’s hardest, though, is really seeing each other and truly hearing what each of us has to say. Not excusing one another when we’re just not getting our areas of oppressiveness, but also not deliberately misinterpreting what someone says in order to seem more politically evolved. Trust-building, communication, and clarification are tools that can get us past the noise, but we need to remember to use them.

Like the message in the photo above, beyond the imperfection, there can be something beautiful.


5 thoughts on “First Person Imperfect

  1. Sometimes it is so difficult to hear through the noise, isn’t it? It’s so important that we hear the message instead of focusing on whether it is perfect or not. What a beautiful, thought-provoking post to start the new year.

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