Christmas, Canadian-style

Merry Christmas, to those of you that celebrate it. I love the music of the season; I can’t help it. Here are a few Canadian songs for the holidays, starting with Joni Mitchell’s River:

An instrumental version of In the Bleak Midwinter, from Loreena McKennitt:

My mother’s favourite Christmas carol, from the McGarrigles, et al.:

A wistful one from The Mountains and The Trees:

Said the Whale’s Christmas Under the Clouds gives us a typical Vancouver Christmas (no idea why the accompanying image shows snow, though):

Finally, a new tune from Dan Mangan, with lyrics crowdsourced from listeners of CBC’s On The Coast:

What are your favourite seasonal songs? Let me know in the comments, if you’d like.

I hope you’re having a happy, warm, and peaceful day. See you Friday.


3 thoughts on “Christmas, Canadian-style

  1. Merry Christmas, Teresa!
    We are in the middle of a Christmas special spectacular – who knew that so many Christmas cartoons were ever made!

  2. I enjoyed listening to your favorites so much. I have so many Christmas songs that I enjoy listening to this time of year, but probably the two that top the list are Silent Night and White Christmas. I hope your Christmas was a lovely and peaceful one. Thank you so much for your beautiful card and the recipe. I am so curious to try it.

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