FFWD – Endives, Apples, & Grapes

A close up of the finished dish.

This post is so late that it qualifies as an almost-the-next-French-Friday post. We had this week’s dish for dinner last night with steak, potatoes, and a mixture of beans from my garden and my mother’s. After a slow start, summer’s hung on a little. We have fresh Okanagan peaches awaiting pie-making tomorrow and I used a beautiful Honeycrisp from the same region in this recipe. It’s always nice when the line between summer and fall produce blurs a little bit.

This side dish blurs some lines, itself – a mixture of bitter endive, along with sweet apples and grapes, slowly cooked in butter with sprigs of rosemary. When it’s done, the juices from the fruit have caramelized so much that strings of dark brown sugar pull from the pan when you plate the dish. Add a little water and those caramelized bits left over cook down into a scant sauce that brings all the flavours together.

In the pan, ready to slowly cook and caramelize.

We liked it with the meal we had, but it would be even better as an alternative to apple sauce with pork chops or roast. Dorie’s bonne idée for this recipe is a version with squash and chestnuts and I’m tempted to try it this coming long weekend.

In the meantime, I must get on with our next recipe, which will mark the beginning of the third year of cooking together from Around My French Table.

Endive, Apples, and Grapes

You can find many other blogged descriptions of this week’s FFWD recipe here: Endives, Apples, & Grapes


8 thoughts on “FFWD – Endives, Apples, & Grapes

  1. I agree, the recipe would be a wonderful alternative for pork chops. Your looks lovely, and the
    photo of uncooked fruits is great. Have a great week.

  2. Your dish looks delicious, I had to chuckle at your ‘it feels like almost the next French Friday post’ – oh well, at least you made it and enjoyed it this week;-)

  3. Your side looks delicious. I didn’t really have any bits to make a sauce from. Too bad because that sounds nice too. I particularly liked the grapes in this one.

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