Nearly Fall in the Garden

Beans ripening

Canada is generally thought of as the land of ice and snow, but that’s not true all year ’round, even in the North. Vancouver is especially an exception to this rule. We generally get about a week of snow each year, which sends our road systems into a tailspin. (We’re infamous here for not being able to drive in the snow.) All this is to say that my garden is still going strong, though I’m looking up recipes for green tomatoes, as I know a lot of them aren’t ever going to fully ripen this year.

Enormous dahlia

We’re in the last few weeks of the summer growing season. If we’re lucky, the good weather will last into the first few weeks of October. I’ve planted some winter garden vegetables, but I’m mostly reflecting on what worked and what didn’t this season. I won’t be growing tomatoes in the backyard next year and am going to invest in some big tubs so that I can grow them on my south-facing balcony, instead. I think they’ll ripen much faster there. I’m also going to build some new vegetable and herb beds this fall, for next year. The flowers mostly take care of themselves, but I want to add plants that will extend colour through the seasons. These are my reflections so far.

Petite dahlias

So tell me, what did you love about your outdoor space this summer? What would you change? I’ll leave you with some more of the photos I took yesterday afternoon, out in the garden.

A cucumber, behind garden netting

A blaze of purple

Purple flowers

Gorgeous, leafy dahlia


9 thoughts on “Nearly Fall in the Garden

  1. Green tomatoes 🙂 I am not usually a tomato lover, but there is something about the green ones that pull on my heart strings.
    it is making me sad that in another month or so, I will have to give up my morning cup of coffee on the front porch (unless I want to drink it with a hat and gloves on…)

    1. I will always associate them with Fannie Flagg’s Fried Green Tomatoes, but my life is not as funny as her writing.

      We’re going to be heading into monsoon season here – not so much hats and gloves as soggy shoes and streaming umbrellas…

  2. Gorgeous dahlias, love the colors! I’m with you on all the green tomatoes, maybe a chutney?
    I love this time of year in the garden, it’s so restful and pretty;-)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!
    (and I was one of those people who thought you guys lived with a lot of snow! I’m surprised that it’s not like that at all! That’s what I love about blogs, it really opens my eyes!)

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