Yet another post about the garden

Scarlett Runner blossoms

Holy thunderstorm, Batman! It’s hard to believe that just yesterday (and this morning, for that matter), it was sunny. I’m hoping things don’t get too exciting out there – my eggplant and most of my tomatoes are quite little and fragile at the moment. I think my beans could survive just about anything, though. The photos I’m sharing aren’t the best I’ve ever taken, but they show how things are coming along.

So many tomatoes!

Tonight, I’m making kale pesto (inspired by Cher), with some leaves I took to thin out the almost scary growth it’s been having – amazing what a little sun will do for the garden. Tomorrow, I’m going to make a Swiss chard quiche, I think, since those leaves are in need of picking next. There are radishes that need picking, too, and I think I’m going to leave off making pesto with the leaves so that I can make some furikake instead. I made that for the first time last year and loved it. My cucumbers and zucchini are taking forever to grow and I’m afraid that I won’t get any this year. We won’t starve, though, because there’s a ridiculous amount of beans on the way (five varieties, as I keep mentioning), along with beets, carrots, onions, leeks and a few other things besides.

Inching up to the top of the fence.

What have you been growing this year? What keeps getting your attention at the market? What are the recipes you can’t get enough of this summer?

The beanstalk


2 thoughts on “Yet another post about the garden

  1. It has been a crazy growing season, for sure! Hope you like the pesto – my mantra for this summer is “if it’s green and I can’t use it up, make pesto”.

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