The Progression of the Garden

Future eggplant.

There’s nothing so interesting to me this summer as my vegetable garden. I’ve had some difficulties (mostly of the nocturnal animal variety), but overall I’m pretty pleased with it. I harvested tomatoes today, with more to come. There will be beans and cucumbers, kale, Swiss chard, beets, and radishes – perhaps even an eggplant or two. I’m going to try again with lettuces for September harvest and there’s late-planted garlic growing, which I’ll pull up in October, dry out, and sow for next year’s harvest.

Marigold, with tomato in the background.

Kale, behind marigold.

In the meantime, I’ll keep taking photos, so you may have to endure one or two more of these posts before the summer’s through. I’d love to hear about what you’re growing, in backyards, windows, or balconies.

Another view of the eggplant blossom.


4 thoughts on “The Progression of the Garden

  1. Your garden looks lovely and I am sure a lot of work went into growing it. Our garden was quite productive last year, but this year we just managed to grow spinach and chard, lots of herbs, strawberries and some raspberries. Here in the Southwest it has been unbearably hot and the UV exceptionally high. Plants, as well as humans, don’t always thrive in that kind of setting.
    Your photography is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden with all of us

  2. Thanks so much! I use the square foot garden method, so the most work goes into preparing the beds. Weeding’s quite easy. We’ve been having an unusually cool summer in Vancouver, so some of the things that worked well last year aren’t working at all this year. The drought and hot weather across much of the continent sounds much worse, though.

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