A Tuesday Afternoon

Evidence of spring.

I have a confession to make. I got so caught up in reading everyone’s posts at Tuesdays with Dorie that I forgot all about the post I was supposed to be writing here. So, today I present you with a few photos I took around the neighbourhood this afternoon, along with one I took a couple of weeks ago (and that I think is pretty cool).

Gorgeous tree.

Tree as pattern.

Looking up the Drive.

Grandview Park, from across the street.

Incongruous elephant.

This final one is of Ken Lum’s Monument for East Vancouver, from the back. I ran it through Instagram and really liked the result.

Ken Lum's East Van sign, from the rear.


7 thoughts on “A Tuesday Afternoon

  1. Teresa, your photos are just beautiful. I like all of them, but I really like the effect of that last one you got in Instagram. Playing around with those filters is fun, isn’t it?

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