Vancouver’s Party Dress

The snowdrops are blooming and the crocuses aren’t far behind. There’s a threat of snow in the forecast, but winter’s essentially over. Soon, the rest of the early flowers will emerge and my favourite season here will begin. Summers in Vancouver are lovely, but summer’s magic lies in seducing each place into taking on its form – summer is itself a place, anywhere and everywhere.

It’s only in spring that I become homesick for Vancouver when I’m away. The air becomes softer and a little warmer, the evergreens develop pale green tips, and there are green shoots and flowers everywhere. Then, the cherry blossoms, Vancouver’s crowning glory, transform streets across the city into ornamental gardens.

I’m itching to get into the garden, to dig compost into the beds, divide my vegetable patch into its square-foot allotments, and plan my planting schedule for the year. As many have said, spring is the season of hope for gardeners. I’m also looking forward to more long walks with the dog, looking for flower patches and enjoying the blossoms.

Now tell me, what’s your region’s season?


6 thoughts on “Vancouver’s Party Dress

  1. Thank you for the touch of spring. Sadly, we have another month or so of winter to look forward to up here – although, it is rather pretty when we get a fresh snowfall.
    Summer is beautiful in the NE, but I think fall is when our region really puts its best foot forward. Nothing quite like autumn in New York 🙂

  2. lovely musings about Spring, just around the corner. yes, we are getting some hints here in Colorado too. daytime temps starting to rise here and there. but the wind has been blowzy lately and March is normally our snowiest month. I reckon we have a bit more of winter to endure yet.

  3. I love snowdrops. After the camellias bloom, they are the first bulbs to emerge in my garden and when I see them I know that spring is not far. Drifts of them are so lovely, aren’t they?! I have been watching Top Chef and the last few weeks of the show were filmed in Vancouver. The glimpses of it were beautiful.

  4. Thanks, everyone!

    @Cher – I never manage to get back east when the leaves change. It’s on my “To See” list.
    @Piebird – I hope spring arrives for you, soon. As beautiful as snow can be, I’m betting you’ve had enough of it!
    @Elaine – snowdrops are the first thing to bloom in my garden and I love the way they pop up in new places each year. I do feel lucky to live here, but your part of the world is quite beautiful, too.

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