Patio’s Progress

Literature students will have to forgive me the alliteration stolen from John Bunyan. I just couldn’t help it. As you may have guessed, last week we had a patio put in our backyard and I used its progress for a little photo practice. Here are the results.

Weeds pulled and ready for its transformation.


Sand laid down.


Edge tiles.




Partly completed.


Another view of the completed patio.


Closer view of the tiles.


Completed patio, with new raised beds on the side.


3 thoughts on “Patio’s Progress

  1. The patio is coming along beautifully! Your photos are beautiful and it is so good that you have a record of the different stages. I enjoy doing that because when you look back at them it gives you such a feeling of accomplishment. You must be so excited more so that now it is taking shape!

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